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  1. Nice, thank you, I have been wanting to do a video similar to this but with other things in mind. If you ever make a 3rd or updated part 3 video. Have All the American Red Cross apps, they are awesome. All so an app, which is grid dependant is TuneIN radio. Can get radio from any where. All so Scanner Radio, awesome when SHTF and grid is still going or just want local info on Fire, rescue and police. Lastly is I have a BLU Life One X phone, decent price and type. Has an ONBOARD radio, NON grid dependant. No wifi or cellular needed, just your headphones to act as a antenna. Check it out.

  2. These strategies are epic, thanks! If you combine them with Trankors Survival Secret, you'll be ironclad safe and worry free for a lifetime. Google it!

  3. You said a couple of times about some countries which might invade you. LMFAO. Tell me who's gonna invade Canada. If it really happens, it's gonna happen to USA.