6 thoughts to Survival Gear On Ebay How To Order At 23:51

  1. Good honest review! I agree that it does the job with certain compromise. For the price I paid, I'm happy with mine so far. It's certainly not the type of thing that one can expect to last forever though. Like most light weight options – which is getting increasing important to me – it has to be treated with a light hand. Thanks a bunch and I hope that you are enjoying your weekend.. :o)

  2. Hey man, nice review, tho i have the bigger version and have had mine and used mine over 100 times and still sharp and going strong.Check out my review man and if you want to change up, get the one i reviewed man. Think mine is the gerber power tooth if i remember correctly.

  3. it is just that.. a light weight saw. for that type of work its great. but as you saw with thicker stuff it just has a very small limit