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  1. I find military surplus to be heavy and overbuilt.. and I like my gear that way ..

  2. Did you say that the GPS tracker is also a CB Radio? The radio shack radio has lots of cool accessories but it looks huge compared to the GPS tracker.

  3. thank you .. these were fairly easy to make.. the hard part is going to be re-packing it.. I've learned a lot over the last year of paying more attention to gear options, skills and possible needs for a bag like this..

    I'll do a video on how I roll those duct tapes, it's super easy

  4. no, the old CB is a scanning model, but it only scans the 40 CB channels

    The Rino GPS / Radio is a scanning radio for the FRS channels

    That CB is like 20+ years old now, it was small in it's day,,

    I haven't shopped for CBs in a long time though, they may be smaller now

  5. Dude, I love comms/signaling videos. GUERRILLACOMM, Commsprepper, USNERDOC, I devour all their videos. Just found this one, from more than 9 years ago. I would bet that they have all watched this video. I hope they have.