11 thoughts to Survival Gear On Sale Buy At Discount Price At 6:55

  1. they should use some of that technology to figure out how filter the Atlantic ocean to try to get the poison out that the tsunami caused in 2011.

  2. At the beginning you show a clip of the toxic River. I am wondering how have the plants on the side of the water have not died or shown any signs of decay? As if the water was toxic it seems you could not tell as the plants nearby seemed fine?

  3. Dude,thanks for the info.Im Michael in Saint Augustine, Fl.Have you ever heard of the Earth Ship houses?They are built with Recycled material,that saves energy.

  4. How to get chemicals out of drinking water:

    Heat it up to the heat of the core of the sun until the atoms disintegrate into protons electrons and neutrons.

  5. Have you tested these filters to see if they really remove what they say they remove???