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Headed to the hotel, hanging off the back
of a Tuk Tuk. Already looks pretty good though.
These mountains are absolutely amazing.
Okay, who’s staying at the gas station? (Laughing)
Well we coulda’ taking a bus or a taxi but
that wouldn’t be near as much fun.
You ready for this?
Yeah, of course
Yeah, it’s gonna’ be good
One Kilomoter
You got to get the right tickets
Blue Lagoon number 1
Flashlight ten thousand, light in a dark cave…priceless
Alright, Blue Lagoon number one and the cave
4 and a half stars out of 5. Less people would
be five out of five.
Babe…4 stars out of 5? Okay, yeah, I hear
This is nice, much less crowded.
Okay, so that was Lagoon 5. I think it’s uh
it’s worth coming out and checking it out.
It’s quiet out here. I give it like a maybe
3 and a half stars. Definitely not a blue
lagoon. It’s more of a green lagoon.
What do you think babe? How many stars?
four. four? Okay. You like this one huh?
Okay, Blue Lagoon 3, man it looks like Peter
Pan Never Never Land out here. They got like
some crazy rope swing, zip-lines, kayak. It’s
also called secret lagoon, and I know why
because we passed it three times without seeing
I Know, sorry!
Alright, blue lagoon 3, time to review. Three.
Three stars?
I’ll give it a 4, I like it a lot. Yeah. I
think Laos is very adventurous. Like nothing
is really safe.
We just started and it’s already a decent
hike. It’s probably a level 3 and a half,
4. There is some climbing involved for sure.
But it’s fun. Here we go!
On the bright side, it goes straight up so
it’s really short to get to the top, you don’t
have to walk a lot. On the bad side it’s
STRAIGHT UP, so it kicks your f*n a$$.
Are you okay?
It was nice knowing you.
Let’s do it, before it get’s dark.
Vang Viang night life, here we come.
Yeah brother!
Only beer
It’s a people pyramid!
I think we found the Chinese Bar. (laughing)
It’s about 6:00 am getting ready for sunrise
balloon ride. It’s starting to look pretty
nice out there. Never ridden in a Hot Air
Balloon before and even out here it’s about
1.4 million Kip for the two of us to take
this ride, which is translated to about $90
a person. It’s going to be well worth it.
Lets check it out.
How many photo’s do you need?
Way to many. Oh my God I’ve already take like
over 1,000 (laughing).
Defiantly 5 out of 5.
Out of 5 stars? 5!
10! 10 stars!
How many stars 5 stars? 5 stars.
10 stars, 10 out of 5.
Im crying. Tears of Joy.

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Survival Gear On Youtube Buy In Store Near Me

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  1. Nice video. 👍👍👍👍👍

    Ηow long did you stay in Laos?
    Best wishes from Greece.