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alright guys today we’re gonna talk
about the ten essentials when it comes
to hiking whether it be a day hike
whether it be an overnight hike so if
you’re interested make sure to stay
tuned through the intro what’s up my
name is Doug V bearded outdoorsman
welcome to another video if you enjoy
beard product reviews beard tips and
gear reviews and gear tips and you’ve
come to the right place today we’re
gonna be talking about the ten
essentials the ten categories that you
need when it comes to getting outdoors
if you’re going for a day hike if you’re
going for an overnight hike or whatever
you need something from each of these
ten categories in order to be prepared
now these are in no particular order
first we’re gonna talk about is
navigation navigation is something that
you need when you go out out hiking
whether that be a compass and a map
whether that be just a map and you
having a familiar ization with the area
whether that be smartphone app there are
plenty of smartphone apps out there now
for the different hiking areas and
recreational areas so whichever one you
choose be familiar with how to use it
and be ready to use it if the need
arises all right so the next one is a
light source now I personally prefer a
headlamp but if you prefer a flashlight
or something like that
I just like a headlamp because it’s
hands-free and I can put it on my head
and I can I can work camp do what I need
to do now if you’re talking about a day
hike you want a headlamp in the event
that you get lost or something happens
and you have to stay the night outdoors
you want that light source alright the
next one is hat or sun protection if
you’re hiking somewhere where there’s
Sun beating down on the trail then you
definitely need some sunscreen if you’re
hiking somewhere like I normally hike
which is North Georgia and the
Appalachian Trail you don’t see a whole
lot of the Sun but you will still get
sunburned so a hat or sunscreen or
something like that to protect you from
the Sun will be a game-changer
if it’s really hot and the sun’s beating
down you’re gonna be miserable if you
get sunburned all right so the next
thing is first aid now I believe that
you need some form of first aid when
you’re going outdoors any event anything
happens but I also am a firm believer
that you don’t need a full medic kit a
full trauma kit or a huge first-aid kit
I did a video a while back sometime last
year with my ditty bag and what is
included in that I’ll put a card up top
you can go check that video out if
you’re interested but that is the
essential first-aid gear that I carry
with me I carry that ditty bag with me
when I’m going on a multiple day hike or
if I’m going on a day hike I throw it in
my day pack so it has the essentials it
has what I need so make sure that it’s
one of the essentials it’s first aid
make sure that you have your first-aid
gear make sure you know how to use it
and carry it with you next would be fire
and that can be anything from a lighter
to a Ferro rod whatever just means to
make a fire if you’re carrying a Ferro
rod and make sure you know how to use it
make sure that you didn’t just pick it
up and take it with you that you know
how to use it and start a fire whether
that means packing extra tender whatever
but carry and some kind of means to
build a fire if the need arises all
right so the next one is a knife now you
don’t need some big Rambo knife or bowie
knife or even a multi-tool you just need
some form of a sharp edge some form of a
blade personally when I go hiking I
carry a small probably a three-inch
folding knife that’s all I carry nothing
huge nothing like like this knife this
is too big for me for when I go hiking I
don’t carry this and just a small sharp
knife if you need to pick a splinter out
if you need to cut a piece of wood
whatever a knife can come in really
really handy and it can be something
small just something with a blade that’s
sharp enough to carry but not too big
that it weighs your pack down and even
on a day height you don’t want a real
heavy pack so some form of a blade next
would be closed now when I say close I’m
talking layers I’m talking like an extra
or a base layer if it’s not real cold
outside but the temperatures dropping at
night you want to be prepared in the
event that you have to stay overnight in
the woods
any day height you need to be prepared
to spend the night and that means extra
clothes that means an extra change of
clothes that means an extra layer that
means a rain some kind of rain gear now
I recently did a video on what I carry
for rain gear I’ll put the card up top
for that video but I don’t carry a whole
lot for rain gear it’s just not a
primary thing for me based on where I
hike but know where you’re at and know
the climate know what you need to have
and like I said be prepared if it’s a
day hike be prepared to spend the night
so if the temperatures are dropping
really cold then you need to have some
cold weather clothes with you in your
day pack
don’t day pack the nexus food so make
sure that you have enough food
you won’t snack see more things to get
you through the day for a day hike but
you also want food like I said I keep
saying to get you through the night so
that can be a little bit extra that can
be a freeze dried meal thrown in your
pack now you don’t have to have hot
water to make those freeze-dried meals
it just tastes better with hot water but
you don’t have to have hot water to make
those so throwing a freeze-dried meal in
your backpack for a day hike is is good
because if you have to spend the night
you don’t want to have to scavenge for
food and you don’t want to be hungry a
good meal can make the night a lot
better especially if it’s cold if it’s
miserable if it’s raining a good meal
can make you your morale just boost so
having food have a little extra food
than what you’re gonna need for your day
hike is is key all right the next one is
shelter you want to have some form of
shelter now myself I’m a hammock I’m a
hammock guy I like my hammocks I like my
tart and but for a day hike I’m probably
not going to carry that for my day hike
I’m gonna carry something like my Sol
escape divvy and I’ll have that in the
event that I need to make a camp and and
hunker down then I can get in that it’s
gonna keep me warm it’s going to keep me
dry and with a few limbs and that kind
of thing I should be good to go so
that’s what I care
for a day hike and I don’t carry my big
hammock setup I don’t carry my tarp and
all of that kind of stuff it’s just a
little bit too much for a day hike I
like a day pack to be really really
lightweight and almost feel like
nothing’s on my back so but you won’t to
have some form of shelter if that means
just a tarp that you can just string up
above you something you want something
to protect you from the elements in the
event that you need to either hunker
down because of a storm or you need to
spend the night alright and last water
of course you need water on a day hike
however do you have a way of procuring
more water if the need arises so a water
filter or a water filtration system or a
way to collect water you need to be
thinking about this take either take a
couple if you’re taking bottled water
take a couple bottles of water or take
one bottle of water and your water
I’ve gone on a day hike before and I’ve
taken my water filter and just filtered
a new water while I was on my hike just
so I knew I had enough water to get me
through I didn’t want to pack in a whole
lot so those are a couple options now I
prefer I really love the sawyer squeeze
but i’ll show you there’s a card up top
you can check out my water system and
what i use i have used the water the
sawyer mini in the past and i have the
mini and the squeeze both of them are
really good you just want to make sure
that you’re gonna have enough water for
an overnight you want to be prepared for
that so any day hike here’s my last
piece of advice and I’ve said it through
out this video and it’s going a lot
longer than I anticipated
anytime you go on a day hike make sure
that you are prepared to spend the night
and that could be food water shelter all
of the essentials make sure that you
have enough of your gear that you need
to spend the night in the woods if the
need arises don’t go thinking I’m going
for a couple hours and I’m definitely
coming home you need to be prepared to
spend the night on any any day hike so
if you found this video helpful make
sure to hit that subscribe button and
hit that thumbs up button if you want to
add anything if you’re an experienced
hiker help these have these beginners
out if there’s anything that I left out
that would be an essential for you then
drop it in the comments help everybody
learn let’s all learn together it might
be something that I’m not aware of that
I just don’t carry I hadn’t thought
about so drop it in the comments and
let’s all learn together until next time
stay bearded get outdoors hank god bless

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  1. Great video! Been waiting for this one! My wife and I are just starting to get into hiking so I am checking out the day hike and beginner videos!