13 thoughts to Survival Gear On Youtube Where Can One Order At 5:44

  1. Nice, I wish I had a shovel in the car before I set out in the snow, hate having to use bare hands to dig myself out but thats changes next winter!

  2. Honestly, you need a little bit of everything in your kit. Trust me! Good video to cover some of those must-haves. I think it’s so very important to have an emergency kit that has everything in it. First aid, food, batteries, blankets, entertainment for the kids, power sources for your devices AND a cell phone signal booster. I just can’t imagine not having one around during when the power is up and towers are functioning. To lose the signal can be dangerous and devastating. I found a nice one at SignalBooster.com. I also like an extra charger for my phones. At least a couple the cold weather makes a big impact on battery strength.

  3. Really good practical list, sometimes people go a little overboard haha

    I've got a tiny hatchback car, probably more of a reason to carry this stuff, but it doesn't have a lot of room for extra gear to carry.

    Probably the clothes, lights, and backup charger would be most important. My car broke down during a winter storm and I had to wait 2 hours in the freezing weather for a tow truck so it was a good thing I had extra jackets and a battery charger on me at the time.

  4. I would carry a tow strap that is rated for more than 5000lbs because even if your car is 3500lbs it's stuck so it's gonna exceed the 3500lb limit when getting pulled also you might be pulling a car over 3500lbs

  5. I have a single can truck so it's hard to keep supplies in my truck, I have about a year until I get my license so I have time to figure it out and find a solution