14 thoughts to Survival Gear On Youtube Where To Buy Online At 23:39

  1. Hands down the best thing u can have, , rich parentests. I had to dispalay may art of welding before i sole a welder I kinda had to ask to sell, he said sell ir. I did my weld and a brush and they wer like HWTFUDTUARH

  2. U might not be able to reach the glovebox I f injured in a car accident. U need to have a keychain or a visor window cutter and seatbelt cutter that u can reach.

  3. 1:43 Loved the video, but the only thing I'd be concerned about with packing all of my stuff in a container like that is if it would be a little hard to get to something specific. I love all of the stuff you included but I can just picture myself now needing something towards the bottom in a hurry and having to dump the whole thing out in my trunk… it would still be better than not having it. Best of luck, thanks for the great video, and God bless.

  4. Do you ever worry about someone seeing your box and breaking into your vehicle.? Trailhead break-ins can be a problem…