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(Bro’s Unboxing)
(Where am I? Who am I?)
We’ve been abandoned.
Oh, where are we?
– Is this an abandoned factory?
– Bo-sung, keep it down…
(Door squeaking)
(What’s that sound?)
– Oh, your manager came in.
– Oh, my manger.
Stop wandering around!
(He’s wandering around out of loyalty.)
All right!
(You’re such an amateur.)
(Jeez, he’ll do it again.)
(And I’ll be startled again.)
All right!
(Clenching her fists)
Brothers! It’s been a while!
(Dear my eardrums,
I’m sorry I failed to protect you.)
– I’m sorry. Are you okay?
– It’s okay.
We have to keep it down here.
Where are we?
This place is…
Not a deserted island.
Speaking of deserted islands…
If tomorrow were doomsday,
what would you do today?
It’s not going to be doomsday.
(I wish he’d at least read
the first page of the script. – Writer)
I’d shoot the final episode
of “Bro’s Unboxing” for the brothers.
That’s a lie.
You’ve become a liar on this show.
(Are we doing “Traitor’s Unboxing”
from now on?)
What about you?
I’d take this.
Today’s unboxing.
Wow. Cool.
They’re making fun of me
since you don’t know anything!
(Survival Backpack)
(A backpack with essential items for
survival in case of disasters and wars)
One is inexpensive,
and the other one is expensive.
– Oh, really?
– Yes.
Since this is lighter,
I think it’s the cheaper one.
Since this is heavier…
This place is like a junkyard.
(They’re not reviewing dust today.)
There’s a lot of dust.
(Unboxing is fun.)
All right.
I’ve never seen a survival backpack kit.
Even if Baekdu Mountain erupts,
I can stay cute and pretty with this.
– Oh, like Suzy?
– Yes.
The cute and pretty girl lived.
That’s not loyal.
Then are you going to die?
You’re right.
I have to survive.
(I’ll be a cutie too.)
Young-ji and Suzy sound similar.
Don’t say that. I’ll get criticized.
I shot a commercial with Suzy.
Of course Suzy is beautiful,
but I think Young-ji is cuter.
You wouldn’t say that to Suzy.
– No.
– While doing this show, I realized
that you’re not loyal!
– You really are not loyal!
– Suzy is…
(Ripping the loyalty)
(Heukji is furious.)
(Why are you so scared, Bo-sung?)
In the “Ashfall” episode,
he said Hye-lin did a better job!
I heard you said that behind-the-scenes.
I think Hye-lin did a better job.
Don’t tell Young-ji I said this.
I said that?
No way!
(Yes way.)
I really didn’t say that.
Did I?
Let’s call Hye-lin…
You don’t need to call her over this.
Let’s move on.
(I’m sweating from my eyes.)
(Low-end survival backpack, 70,000 won,
Consists of basic survival gear)
There’s a lot.
There’s a variety.
What could this be? A towel?
Oh, it’s a first aid kit.
(First aid pouch)
I wonder what kind of medicine is inside.
– Scissors.
– Scissors.
Are those nose hair scissors?
(Want to trim your nose?)
(Wet wipes, gas lighter, mask,
raincoat, water bottle, gloves)
(Blanket, hand warmer, survival bracelet,
toiletries, whistle, pocket knife)
(AA batteries, radio, portable toilet)
(Black backpack)
(Low-end survival backpack, 70,000 won,
17 small and cute survival items)
– Wow, I’ve never seen this in real life.
– Yeah?
It’s so cool.
I didn’t know this actually existed.
But there’s no food.
We need to eat to survive.
(High-end survival backpack, 200,000 won,
It includes food.)
– Wow.
– Huh?
The high-end one…
(Packed with food)
What is that?
– Tell us what it is.
– Wow!
It’s emergency food supply.
Wow, Bo-sung!
(21 meals, which lasts a week)
This is all food.
There’s a cake!
– Look!
– Let’s try a piece of that cake.
(Emergency cake unboxing)
(Nom nom)
(I don’t quite like it.)
(Please review it, Bo-sung.)
We also have bibimbap.
Let’s eat bibimbap!
We got kimchi bibimbap
and vegetable bibimbap.
Let’s try the kimchi bibimbap.
You have to cut this open
and take out what’s inside.
Oh, there’s something inside.
Sesame oil, seasoning, soybean paste soup.
(Emergency kimchi bibimbap)
(Fill hot water to the line,
close the bag, mix well after 10 minutes)
There’s rice inside.
It has kimchi and vegetables.
– I’ll go for it.
– I think it’ll taste good.
– Let’s switch.
– No.
I’ll try it.
Why are you making that face?
– It’s so good!
– Is it?
(Beef bibimbap, kimchi bibimbap)
– No…
– Give it to me.
(Should I cut ties with him?)
And there’s this!
It’s a gas mask.
You’ve worn them before, right?
I was on a lot of military-related shows,
so yes.
This bag is so cute.
(The gas mask bag is cute.)
Gas! Young-ji, gas!
(Pupils shaking)
Only the guys are laughing here.
What’s gas?
(In the military, when you hear “gas,”
you’re supposed to put on the mask.)
(Hmm, that’s what “gas” meant.)
You didn’t laugh either, right?
(Flustered for real)
They made fun of you!
(His pride is hurt.)
He’s going to sulk now.
No, I’m not.
(I’ll remember those who laughed.)
Wow, that’s cool.
Tighten this, please.
(Why are you venting on me?)
(Half air)
(Half sound)
Since the air is bad here,
let me have this on.
Yeah, have it on.
Try smelling Bo-sung’s breath.
I don’t have bad breath.
plastic is pretty much all I can smell.
It doesn’t come with a filter?
Look in the front pocket.
Oh, the front pocket!
– Oh, Bo-sung!
– Oh.
(What did you just do without me?)
She didn’t even put the filter on.
(Thank God it was new,
or she’d be in hell by now.)
Bo-sung, they’re making fun of me
since you don’t know anything!
You have to put the filter on!
You would’ve inhaled toxic gas.
(Toxic gas,
Heukji has passed away.)
This is cool.
It looks like a torch.
I get it!
(Heukji discovers fire.)
Young-ji’s smart.
(Trying hard)
– Oh!
– Oh!
(Look at that spark!)
– It was sparkly, right?
– It just caught fire.
– It shouldn’t catch fire.
– Is that so?
Was I mistaken, then?
There’s not even a spark.
(You’re not supposed to scratch it.)
Do it for us.
(I’ll do it since you’re hopeless.)
Oh, a spark just flew out.
– Oh.
– Oh.
(I’m the mighty PD of “Bro’s Unboxing”!)
Wow! He’s so cool!
(I want to be cool, too.)
That’s a blanket?
– Yes.
– Does this really keep you warm?
Since it’s a bright silver color,
you can use it to send an SOS.
– Was that in the script? Or…
– I did some research on my own.
You know when you cover yourself
with this…
If you wrap yourself with plastic wrap,
you’ll become sweaty.
Let’s lie down.
There’s a wild pig here!
What did you say?
How about a wild tiger?
Or a wild lion.
I know I’ve put on some weight recently,
but a wild pig is too harsh.
– There’s a wild boar here!
– Wild boar?
(I’m working hard, aren’t I?)
(I’ll follow your example and work hard.)
And this is a tent.
How does this become a tent?
If you remove this,
it’ll stick to the floor.
Wow, she’s smart.
Maybe not.
Huh? It’s not?
Never mind!
You’re supposed to do it like this.
Is it a hammock?
(I guess she’s not so smart after all.)
How is it done?
(She’s crazy…
How is this done?
(The PD is summoned again.)
(I’ll do it again since you’re hopeless.)
Please pull the string tighter!
Bo-sung, come in!
What is this?
What in the world is this?
This is so pretty.
It looks like a sexy music video.
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(His feet are undeniably sexy.)
– I can see the outside.
– You can?
– You can’t see the inside, can you?
– No.
I can see the outside,
just like an investigation room.
Let me show you the camera. Look.
– Where?
– Here.
I’m filming it.
– I’m filming it now.
– I can’t see it.
– Come outside.
– Okay.
It is a flashlight as well as a radio.
– It’s an upgraded version of that one.
– That’s right.
Wow, it looks fancy.
(He gets scared often today.)
This is a wonderful product.
Where was this made?
Oh, it’s imported.
(Bo-sung, keep your chin up.)
It really feels like we’re in a disaster.
– Yeah.
– Right?
The sound is loud.
The sound quality is great too.
I’ll take this home.
This is mine!
I’ll have this.
You sound like a baby.
I want this!
(He can’t have it…)
There are items in the low-end backpack
that aren’t in the high-end one.
Guess what those are.
Hand warmers.
Poop bags.
None of them are there.
(Today’s review is a failure again.)
– A flint.
– Lighter versus flint!
This is better.
This lighter is better.
It looks like a gun.
– All right.
– Let’s do a skit.
– Huh?
– Something cool.
Do something cool.
(Something cool)
Do you need to light your cigarette?
What was that?
What was that?
For us smokers…
(Hey, light my cigarette!)
(High-end survival backpack, 200,000 won,
17 upgraded survival items)
What did you say?
(She’s not so good at acting.)
– That’s not a walkie-talkie.
– Oh, it’s not…
That’s a radio.
All right!
We reviewed survival backpacks today.
I learned about these products today.
– They’re so nice.
– They’re nice and useful.
So brothers, you should get one too.
– Loyally get one!
– Loyally get one!
We did a review today.
If you know of more useful items
or items you wish people to know,
please leave your comments.
And we’ll review them.
– With loyalty!
– We’ll read the comments
and loyally review them!
– That’s right.
– Yes.
– Shall we wrap up, then?
– Yes.
Survival gear, finished!
Survival gear in case of disaster.
– Finished!
– Finished!
(Bro’s Unboxing)
We have to return them?
We were being greedy for nothing.
– Young-ji.
– Yes.
We fought over nothing.
– Are you okay?
– This is a disaster!
(His life’s a disaster.)
(This is why
you need a survival backpack.)
Low-end, not high-end.
– Low-end.
– Low-end…
It sounds like a cuss word.
I don’t swear.
From now on, “Bro’s Unboxing” will
air every week, not every two weeks!
We’ve returned, thanks to you all!
Thank you, brothers!
This is a bit sexy.
Turn on your notification.
With loyalty, click those buttons!
(A natural-born cutie)
Okay, cut!
That will be aired without editing.
That was so funny.

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