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survival assessment of your prepping supplies skills stockpiling goals priorities
hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper just like we make a
budget and then we review it we go over
our receipts and we decide how things
are coming along for us it’s important
to make a survival assessment of your
prepping supplies and your prepping survival
skills you need to occasionally review
your prepping plan the emergency gear that you
have the ideas that you’ve made the bug out evacuation
plans and see if those things are still
working for you make an inventory of all
your prepping emergency survival supplies and go through them food water first aid hygiene sanitation tools and
figure out which ones are you really
using which ones do you need more of and
which emergency supplies prepper pantry stockpile food items ones do you have too many you’re
not using them up before they’re expired
those are things you need to adjust and
adapt your preparedness plan so that you have the emergency prepping supplies
things that you need in the correct
amount taste change and needs evolve so
we need to make sure that we’re updating
our emergency plans to meet the current needs of
our situation ask yourself a few key prepping survival
questions are you rotating your supplies
are they lasting as long as you had
hoped or do you need to make an
adjustment in the supplies that you have
do you have some items that are becoming
expired or you have just way too much
maybe you need to donate some of those
or find a way to use them more
frequently so that your things stay up
to date current and ready to use set
stockpiling goals going forward for what
you’re using now and what you predict
you’ll need and use in the future
those are the areas to work on going
forward you can adjust your shopping and
stockpile needs to the things that
you’re currently using and the things
you expect to use in the future make a
list of those food water first aid hygiene sanitation tools items and a plan for how
to collect those you always want to be
working on your stockpile of food and
water then you want to make sure that
you’re rotating those foods and keeping
that water fresh make sure you have a
way to cook that food and practice
cooking if you have no power if you have
no water do you have a camp stove a
supply of charcoal
a way to cook over a fire pit practice
starting fires so that you know you’ll be
able to do those things if you make it a
challenge and an activity that you try
occasionally it’s fun to learn to cook
outdoors over a camping stove and then
it isn’t going to be a hardship or a
crisis if you need to you can roll along
with the events that are happening it
doesn’t become a crisis when you don’t
know what to do you already have planned
and practice and it’s time to implement your emergency plans
it in the situation where it’s really
required along with your stored water
make sure that you have a water filter
then get it out occasionally and
practice using it you don’t want to wait
until a crisis situation to find out you
don’t really remember how and you’ve
lost the directions things that you
store that you don’t know how to use and
don’t know what you would use them for
just become clutter and a burden in your
life go through your emergency prepping survival supplies review
each item and decide this is still
meeting the needs of what I expect I
would want to use it for do I know how
to use it and am i confident that it’ll
meet the needs that I expect in an
emergency situation challenge yourself
to use the prepping supplies things that you have try out
your camp stove your lanterns your
flashlights try starting a fire making a
foil packet on your gas barbecue grill
have emergency plans know how to give
first aid study over your evacuation
route have fire drills in your home go
through your bug out bag and see how can
I use these items the best are there too
many not enough is it too heavy I can’t
carry it do I know what every single
item in my bug out bag it is for make a home invasion
plan know what you would do if someone
did come into your home avoid a
confrontation but be prepared in case
you need to defend yourself and your family there are a lot of
areas of prepping and survival that we
don’t use on an everyday basis but they
are things we still need to plan for
going forward the future is uncertain
but if you live long enough you know
hard times come to everyone all lives
come with challenge but if we plan ahead
the things that are most likely to
happen to us in the areas that we live
and we think about what we would do in
all kinds of different situations then
we’re ready we don’t panic we have the
idea of what we can do we have the
supplies to use and we know how to use
those supplies to make sure that we can
make the best of any situation so take
an assessment of your survival and
prepping gear and supplies and make sure
they’re meeting your needs for today and
going forward
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