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Did I ever tell you about
the time I was shot?
It was back in the war.
We were under heavy fire.
The enemy had us pinned.
And as we readied to make
our last stand– zip!
Sniper got me
right in the chest.
Luckily, my flask
took the bullet.
It saved my life.
Talk about a close shave.
What are the odds a
bullet would hit my flask?
And then seconds later,
it stopped a tank round.
So I drink.
Introducing the
half-gallon flask,
a stainless steel container for
not-so-discreetly carrying 64
ounces of liquor.
The comically oversized flask
can hold an entire handle
of hard alcohol.
Sure, it isn’t exactly practical
in the conventional sense.
But that’s not the point.
In fact, if you expect
this thing to be practical,
you might have a problem.
The half-gallon flask is
as fun to give as a gift
as it is to pass
around with friends.
Since the half-gallon flask
is slightly less portable
than an ordinary
flask, you’ll have
to get creative with
how you carry it.
But it’s impressive
enough that you
might give up on trying to
conceal it all together.
Buy the half-gallon
flask now at
If a half gallon is
too much flask for you,
take a gander at the shot flask.
And while you’re at it, give
the perfect drink a once over.
And make sure to subscribe so
you don’t miss another video.
But these kids don’t know
how good they have it.

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Survival Gear Online Buy Near Me

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  1. Lmao what if the Russian army use that as a full vest and have vodka in it

  2. Aren’t the M16 is used in the Vietnam war and was the grandpa in the Vietnam war or WW2 and if he was in WW2 the M16 was not create yet.