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  1. Looks like some good eats. Make sure you share. lol

    These traps work well in rivers especially. If you can find a deep spot, fish often will go there to hide from the current. Of a smaller basket in an eddy. Fish are always there at some point to hide from the power of the current. they rest. Love watching yalls vids, I always learn from them.

  2. Fish #1: mom, what's this?Fish #2: don't go in there, I saw a video on Youtube about it.

  3. I've been making double throat fish baskets (traps), from welded wire, for 20 years and the gentleman who taught me how to make them learned from his father. I was told, when setting the trap, to point the open throat toward the bank (in a pond, lake) or when putting in a creek or river (moving water) that the throat should be pointed downstream.

  4. could you please give the rough dimension on the hole for the fish to swim in? I have made several of these with mild success, i think I am making the hole to bigg or making the funnel to short thanks for the great videos guys.

  5. Doing this kind of thing is a lot simpler with good plans, and such can be found on the Stodoys website.