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  1. I have a $20 bill in an empty Burt's Bees lip balm container. We have a small taxi company in my city run by a young woman. I have the taxi number on the container which I carry in my pocket.

    I wear a fanny pack. I know it's not fashionable but I like having both hands free. I have a whistle attached to my keys and also a personal alarm on the outside of the fanny pack. I can set off the personal alarm in seconds. It's much better than the whistle which can be knocked away.

  2. Watched all three, very helpful, thanks! I'm a single gal, too – it's great to have this perspective. I'm fairly new to this and appreciate you describing things in detail. I'm in awe of your organization and you have a lot of neat gadgets I'm going to be on the lookout for – eBay here I come! lol 🙂

  3. fantastic stuff…;-)) I would add some duct tape around a card or around a pen tube..always great for repairs.
    small pepper spray disquised as Perfume /a Stun gun that looks like a cell phone / Brass knuckles for protection. Get yourself some good mini Hands free head lamp. Great stuff..cheers ;-))

  4. Very nice setup. It's good to see a more urban, and less survivalist take on EDC. In response to the mini crowbar for staple removal, you might try the philips driver on your Micra, which I find works great for staple pulling, and might eliminate your need to carry another tool.

  5. A good self defense weapon is a Kubotan https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kubotan It works by inflicting pain but not damage to an attacker. Developed for the female members of the LAPD. I made one using a clotheline tensioner from Home Depot. http://tinyurl.com/nb9tov7 The overall length is 3.5 inches but I made it short to hid it in my closed fist.

  6. addition to edc a security silcock key you use to open the dor on secured hose outlets to obtain water ( like on outside of McDonald or burger king ) to fill a water bottle or canteen you can get at home depot , lowes it looks like a 1 inch by 1 inch 4 way lug wrench