14 thoughts to Survival Gear Online Lowest Price For CBD At 18:38

  1. If I don't win one of these pens I am going to see if I can get my work to purchase 10 of these for our staff. This looks like the perfect EDC pen. Most EDC or tactical pens are WAY too long. We work outside in field condiitions quite a bit and these look like they would hold up really well! I already carry the Schrade Extreme Survival auto knife as my EDC knife. Never failed me yet!

  2. Im in law enforcement and my son is in the academy. Would love to get us both one of these. Looks like its just the right size.

  3. I just bought one for use in my Police job.. I used to carry a Zebra 701 but the cone breaks off all the time when I sit down. We'll see if it lasts 343 days to retirement.

    Instructions for replacing the refill is funny.

  4. it’s just a regular pen, the narrator makes it sounds like how to operate a machine gun, it’s even got that long name and teaches us how to use a pen like we don’t know how to use it lmao