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  1. Thats why I like the ones that take batteries AND have cranks. You use the batteries but always have the option of cranking the radio if there are no batteries to be had. Great test!

  2. I'm still on the fence. I like the whole idea of them, and the radio is a plus. just been kind of waiting for a good quality one to come along that fits my price range.. Thanks for the info.. 🙂

  3. They're good for chucking in the back of a car or somewhere where you forget about it till you need it. For anything menial or everyday they do the job just fine, from my experience anyway.

  4. I remember the big blackout in 2010(?) in Toronto, New York. Apparently, during the summer a tree took out an important transformer and boom, about four cities were left in the dark. My family ran a corner store at the time, and everyone rushed to pick up candles, batteries, flashlights, ice and everything else. We were sold out of batteries, flashlights and everything for months after – even the two import/wholesale stores were out of anything that could create light.

    I wish I had one of these for the radio function at the time. That said, I wasn't an edc'er at the time, so I was one of the people at home searching for a working flashlight and candles! (A panic filled 45 minutes, and another 20 looking for matches/a lighter.) Now, I could hand you about three flashlights in two nanoseconds. My friend had a hand crank radio (no flashlight function) and she ended up listening to the news to see when her area would get power back.

    We ended up spending two nights eating cold sandwiches for dinner and wondering when power would be back up. Luckily, two mornings after, we found a McDonalds that was open in the morning (probably on the same grid as the hospital next door)…

  5. I used to have a crank flashlight/radio in my bug out bag, but I took it out because I would want it somewhere close that I can grab real quick. I mainly would use them for the radio. I have two of them. One has a better flashlight the other has a better radio.

  6. I had a dynamo crank radio/flashlight, after putting it off somewhere incase of emergency for 1-2 years, I took it out and try, the battery is dead. So the thing won't work anymore.