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prepping challenges emergency lifesaving strategies for preppers SHTF survival
hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper today I wanted to share with you some prepping challenges survival SHTF
strategies for Preppers some emergency
preparedness challenges that we all
might face there are all kinds of
emergencies that can happen we can look
at just the current events that have
been going on in the last few months pandemic civil unrest protests coronavirus covid 19 or
things have been going on since the
beginning of time from volcanoes
earthquakes winter storms tornadoes
hurricanes there are all kinds of
reasons to be a prepper challenges that we need to be prepared for an uncertain future the longer we live
the more we know bad times come to
everyone and an emergency situation it’s never when you expect
so the it’s just prudent and wise to be
a prepper and to prepare so that you can
take care of whatever is coming in the
future prepping the first life saving strategy
for Preppers is clean drinking water no
matter what the emergency survival disaster SHTF is we all need
clean drinking water to survive we need
to have some water stored in our home
but then we also need to have a way to
purify water should the water that comes
into our home be contaminated or we’re
stuck out in the woods somewhere and we
need to purify water in the wild you
need to decide what’s most likely to
happen to you emergency situations most likely to happen if you don’t spend any
time in the woods you probably don’t
need a wild water water filter maybe
you want something like I have in my
home I have a berkey water filter I can
purify all the water that comes into my
home yet I can also pour contaminated
water into it and it purifies it if you
like hiking camping fishing and you
spend some time out of doors perhaps you
want a water purification system
something as simple as a life straw
you can purify all kinds of water with a
live straw and it’s a simple process to
have an inexpensive water filter that
you can rely on the next life saving
strategy for Preppers is to gather a
large supply of food you need
ready-to-eat meals
open a can or package eat it as is
things that you could just heat and
serve or things foods that you could just add water to foods you
could combine and make simple meals pantry clean out recipes food storage if
you had no running water no electricity
something meals food you could prepare with the water you have stored or with your
camping stove think of some of the
challenges prepping emergency lifesaving strategies survival situations we hope these things will
never happen but they do I’ve lost power
in my home many times the water stopped
running or was under boil alert and
these are challenges emergency situations that we need to
face preppers prepping for emergencies that could or are likely to happen no
matter where you live and what your
circumstances so be prepared to face
those kinds of emergency survival SHTF challenges have easy to
open food stockpile and a way to heat it food up emergency camping stove then
that’s another reason why you should
have stored drinking water you’ll need
some water for food preparation you’ll
also need water some for hygiene needs sanitation you’ll need some stored water for washing your dishes
for your food preparation I’ll put a
link to a video I made on how to wash dishes with little or no water different ways
to do your dishes and serve your meals
when you have little or no water things emergency strategies solutions
that might help you looking forward in
an emergency or just if you’re going
camping or picnicking then just remember supplies clothes gear things wear out things food spoil they get
used up they disappear make sure you
have planned extras for shortages supply chain interruptions that and maybe a
few extra emergency supply items in case you need to barter with someone for more things that
you may need having some things items that you could share or barter or trade with
could actually end up being a strategy
that’s worthwhile I’ll put a link to a
video I made about some things that I
consider worthwhile to stock up a few of barter supplies strategies
so that I have things if I need to
barter things I would and wouldn’t
barter in the items that I consider
essential items supplies for those kind of purposes a
life saving strategy is to make sure
that you have an assortment of things
that you also need besides food and
water you’re going to need some hygiene
supplies e soap and water
toilet paper paper towels cleaning supplies cooking sanitation supplies tools first aid supplies
utensils things that you would need to
maintain a safe and healthy lifestyle
along with your first-aid and sanitation
you’ll want some simple tools and just a
supply of basic things items like flashlights lanterns batteries lamp oil supplies and for power outages not electricity
items that will help you through power
outages hurricanes tornadoes volcanoes floods pandemics civil unrest protests
lockdowns things supplies food water that you want if you couldn’t leave your house for a week
what are the things items supplies that you would rely on having that would make your life
easier on a day to day basis the next
life savings strategy for Preppers emrgency challenge is to
realize healthy people live longer eat
healthy foods get enough exercise avoid
things that you know are not good for
stockpile things supplies like first-aid hygiene supplies vitamins and the necessities
that help keep your life running
smoothly if you have pets and small
children plan the supplies that you
would need for them do you need pet food
do you need diapers do you need
prescription medicines make sure that
you have thought about those things and
that you have enough on hand that if you
in an emergency you aren’t required to
go out and try to find those things the
next life saving strategy for Preppers emergency challenge is to own sturdy shoes make sure you
have a pair in your closet make sure you
have some sturdy shoes in your car have some sturdy shoes at your
place of employment and if you’re
heading out for the day don’t go with
just flip-flops make sure somewhere in
your pack or in your car or somewhere
you have a sturdy pair of shoes what if
you ended up you have to walk a long
distance what if there are thorns and
stickers what if you come across broken
glass and debris you need a way to
protect your feet so you need to have a
sturdy pair of shoes that should you
need to walk home walk out to a road all
those things that could happen you can
at least get going because you can put
on your sturdy shoes then even if
there’s an early season snowstorm you
can put on your sturdy shoes and get
whatever your emergency requires another life-saving strategy for Preppers emergency challenge is to
learn new skills the more you know the
better off you’ll be maybe you will need
a supply that you don’t have and you can
barter a skill with someone else and
everything that you know how to do for
yourself means
the safer you will be the more
confidence you’ll have and the more
you’ll be able to face any challenge
knowing that there must be something
I’ve done like this that that might help
me in this situation if you’ve problem
solved a lot of things it gives you the
confidence that you can problem-solve
more things emergency situations and that you’re going to be okay and it’s a challenge it’s not a
disaster think creatively gather the emergency prepping supplies a
little at a time think about multiple
ways you can use your supplies so that
the more ways you know
how to use something the more things
then you end up actually having most
importantly you need to be willing to
help yourself don’t sit back saying the
normalcy bias
I’ve always been okay everything will be
fine why wouldn’t you want to be a
prepper and prepare to take care of
yourself why would you want to go to the
store tomorrow for the dinner you need
that night and find out there isn’t
anything left or go out and find out
your car is out of gas and you can’t
even get to the store even if there was
something there I remember a friend that
I had who used to drive her child to
school in her pajamas and I always said
aren’t you afraid something might happen
oh no what could go wrong it’s just a
mile to my home and there she was in a
winter storm in her pajamas and her
slippers when her car broke down I mean
it’s just like so simple to prepare for
the unexpected if you know think back to
Murphy’s Law if something can go wrong
it will go wrong and you want to think
about the challenges that you could face
and be ready to face them think
creatively so that you can face the
challenges that come to you think of
this as problem solving rather than as a
catastrophe and you’re going to be in a
better mindset and you’re going to be
prepared to face emergency challenges things rather than scared we are blessed with the gift of
time make the most of it
if you enjoyed my video I hope you’ll share it with someone else you think
might like it
learn more at and please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny youtube prepper prepping channel

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