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hi it’s AlaskaGranny
hurricane season is upon us
it doesn’t matter whether you live in hurricane country or not
this list of supplies is good for any emergency situation
we can all learn about preparedness
from those who have been through hurricane emergencies
we know that after hurricanes
people are always asking for
and clean up supplies
the items most requested by people who have been through hurricane situations
storm emergency
include items like diapers
baby food
pet food
bottled water
shampoo toothpaste soap toilet paper
everyone always wants more toilet paper
Stock up and start gathering these items for your hurricane or survival kit.
Get the items on this list, and check out the items most requested by hurricane survivors, and those who have been through emergency situations.
Items most requested after an emergency should be noted to make certain you have all of the items you would need in an emergency or hurricane.
What do you need for a hurricane supply kit?
Check out this list of Hurricane Survival Supplies
Shelf stable food
Toilet paper & moist towelettes
Sponges & paper towels
Soap, shampoo, other misc.
Toiletries (toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant)
At least one change of clothing for each person
Rain gear (ponchos, umbrellas, boots, etc.)
Blankets, sleeping bags, pillows
Flashlights (1 per person w/1 extra package of batteries each)
Battery-powered radio, with extra batteries
Alarm clock (wind-up or battery operated)
Portable cooler/ice chest
Bleach (pure, unscented liquid)
Can opener (hand-operated) & utility knife
Pots, pans and cooking spoons
Disposable plates, cups, utensils
Sterno cans
Butane lighters & waterproof matches (in plastic bags)
Portable barbecue grill or camp stove
Charcoal and lighter fluid or stove fuel
Pet carriers, bowls, leashes, chain and stake
Plastic grocery bags
First Aid Kit
Prescription medicine (2-week supply)
Sun screen
Insect repellent
Driver’s license (for each person or photo ID)
Important phone numbers (updated address book)
Home video tape or photos for insurance
Extra set of car keys
List of important family information
prepare so you will have the things that you need no matter what comes along
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Survival Gear Organization Best Price To Buy Online

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