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  1. I have had mine for a few years, no knife in handle but plastic handle sheath, not nylon. Hate the bulky handle sheath so bought the Estwing #1 leather sheath off e-bay for about $8 bucks and fits it great.

  2. I got the Gerber 9" Hatchet and Gerber 9" Gator Combo Axe (has a knife in handle) They are not identical. The Hatchet is 9.1"' long and a blade 2.60" , smooth Fiskars/Gerber handle. The Combo is 8.8" long and the blade is 2.7", Gator Grip embossed handle. Combo's poll is ground flat. Hatchet poll has a raised center strip top to bottom. Hatchet sheath is a bright green plastic contraption and the Combo has a black soft nylon? sheath. The Hatchet has Fiskars Finland embossed on handle near the poll and the package states "Made in Finland". The Combo package states "Made in Taiwan". And of course the Combo has a knife that is stored in the handle. I think the Fiskars x5 is the same as the Gerber Hatchet.