15 thoughts to Survival Gear Packs Where Can I Purchase At 2:38

  1. Everyone that has one talks highly of the ThruNite lights. That's a tough light. Great battery life as well.

  2. Dude, that was probably one of the best and thoroughly made durability tests that I have ever seen! Great job on this one. And I am definitely checking out your other vids!

  3. Interesting torture test. I wonder if that rubber cap would keep the switch from freezing like it did. Except i can't really get it on there really good. I like the light alot. Tried to figure out whether i had the cool white or the neutral white. But i have noticed that if you do use this light on white objects, such as a plastic bag or a dish, you'll get quite a lot of glare. I wanted cool white though for maximum throw/flood. It's a great EDC light and compact thrower, moon/firefly mode is great if you don't want to wreck your night vision. I use mostly AA or AAA NiMH cells so this light is in my list of the great ones. Definitely should have another light or two with this one so you can change out the batteries!!

  4. Great review. Just bought the XP-L HI version off EBay. 500m throw with 4 AAs?! Yes please. Should be a badass boat light

  5. Ben – just got mind today, noticed that my button is silver, while yours is black. Do you happen to know why?

  6. ben great job love your channel, hey question I purchased this thrunite and I like the light however when I received the light I used some Duracell AA batteries when I was going through modes the torch doesn't seem to last more than a couple of minutes on high then flickers red on the button light, do I need different batteries 2500 mah rechargeables?