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  1. In the winter when out snowmobiling gather  branch from a dead tree. Cut the top off an empty beer can , pop can or juice box, fill it with gas from a fuel jug or by tipping your sled over on it side. place under branches and light. The gas will burn for a long time this way.

  2. Thank you for showing your failed attempts, and explaining the issues instead of editing them out.

  3. Where are you in KY? I am in SE KY Myself. Looks like you are down the road from me. I seem to know those woods. That's why I ask.  🙂

  4. Thanks Craig. The best kind of training video mate. Honest and real. I liked how you had all the right ingredients and even direct flame but the damp air and damp tinder was a bit of a battle to overcome.  It looked like that fire was going to need to be nursed for awhile yet before it could sustain itself. No edited myths in this video, just the reality of hard work, mental focus and thinking a way through the challenge. Cool.

  5. THANK YOU!!!!!! Thank you. This is the same problem I have with cedar. They are all over here in the Pacific NW. I keep hearing how they are the goto tree for making fire. But I always have problems getting the bundle to take a spark. We had the wettest October in history. I went out on the first dry day to attempt a fire. I scrape the bark with the back of my knife and get a fine dust. It takes a spark, it flames and then goes out. over and over. My goal next week is to make a fire. I'm glad I'm not the only person having troubles.