10 thoughts to Survival Gear Pdf Where To Buy At 14:00

  1. This is why I subbed, you feature new products aswell as awesome survival gear. Keep it up. 🙂

  2. Tiny little grenade and dude is like: "In this bad boy right here we got knives, a high powered rifle, a toaster oven, jolly jumper, 15 course dinner and of course your grandma is tucked away neatly with a warm blanket and milk and cookies" lol what a joke!

  3. they never said it was fail proof! i agree practice but it never hurts to have some help! what they are marketing is extra time, not relying on it

  4. Exactly the kind of cornball shit I would expect from a company like Rocky. No doubt the survival grenade is the same top notch quality as their infamous disintegrating boots. Rocky was once a proud company with high quality products. I'm sure there are plenty of mall ninjas out there that are more than happy to add this to their arsenal of tacticool gear. I'll pass.