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  1. I have a couple of the Antelopes and One of the Bears. This is definitely an Antelope @seattwa. Mine was fantastic on some minor butchering of wild hogs. Sliced thru meat incredibly well and held the edge superbly. Like stated:great for fine and medium work.

  2. It's full tang. As alot of others reviewer has says and i confirmed it by using a strong magnet to determine the tang on mine.

  3. Your comments on this knife and comparing it to the venerable Mora has helped me to decide to buy this and the Bear Hunter as well except I am going to buy the Antelope Hunter with the orange handle in the original AUS-8 steel since I was lucky enough to find one. Then I can see for myself if one is really better than the other and I develop a preference and if not I'll know which is which. Helpful video.

  4. My dad has had his Antelope hunter (The original) for about 10 years now. And although it's been badly beating up, it's still going strong.