5 thoughts to Survival Gear Phoenix Az How Can We Purchase At 20:47

  1. Looking into getting a 15• bag…(it got down to 27• this weekend on the mountain and I got pretty cold with only my prodigy) I'm looking at the helium and the zpacks solo 10•. What are your thoughts?

  2. Sounds like the Helium is the way to go. Warm and very lightweight. Don't get me wrong, I love my prodigy quilt. I just think when it's colder out, a bag would be better. Thanks for the reply and keep up the good work. Your vidoes are great.

  3. I do like my Helium. I also talked my buddy Hiking Shoes into the Helium (but with the membrain outer) and he couldn't quit talking about it on a recent hike…
    There are people that use quilts in cold temps, but I think it does take some getting used to, which is what I want to do some more this year with my 35 F Prodigy, but plan to do more next year with a lower rated quilt…
    Good luck with whatever you decide to go with!

  4. Dang Stick aka Chad, you got it goin on! I finally got around to watching this vid. You've got quite an impressive array of gear. You mentioned being on call, are you a fireman or EMT? Thanks for sharing.