10 thoughts to Survival Gear Phone Cases Buy Best Price For Sale At 18:51

  1. I tell ya brother…if a bad guy sees you to start a smile…..he better look out!! On the real great review you got me interested, never heard of them.

  2. I love my Rawdog Holster. I had to trim the leather a little to get a full secure grip. The leather backing, up against the skin is much better then a rigid kydex, very comfortable. Great video.

  3. Great i did take a look I saw some of their wares running under the $30.00 mark which is good also I should Note I am an out of waist band carrier. I do not know what the IWBs were collecting they could have been more and a nice selection to choose from no the do not cover everything they do have a lot more than some. At the better price

  4. I love mine and the fact that with single clip i dont have to take gun out to put in safe. I am looking at adding a laser and they do not make one for it so i will be trying to modify it