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And you want to open a
Sal’s Super Saver card
and save 5% on your
gum purchase today?
Yeah, I think I have
Sal’s card here somewhere.
A lot of wallets are filled
with junk you don’t need.
Will you take a
Steve’s Hot Dog card?
But what if you could slip
in something really handy,
like an entire chest full of
tools without adding bulk?
The Wallet Ninja an
18-in-1 multitool
that’s the same size
as a credit card.
Weighing just 2 ounces, it’s
a super compact, super useful
device loaded with handy tools.
Despite its small size,
the Wallet Ninja’s
practically indestructible.
Forged from four-times
heat treated steel,
it’s guaranteed to never rust,
never dull, and never bend,
even if you hit
it with a katana.
Sure, with a tool of
this compact and useful,
we could do a hackneyed
But we fixed things while
making ninjutsu noises.
Hi-yah, ha!
Hee, yah!
But we trust that
you’re smart enough
to see the utility
in the Wallet Ninja.
With a tool this
useful, it might
feel like you’re sneaking
through security.
But the Wallet Ninja
is TSA-approved.

That is not
regulation-size shampoo.
I’m going to need some backup.

Buy the super-useful Wallet
Ninja now at

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Survival Gear Phone Cases Order Online

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  1. Ok, i bought one of these but the cell phone stand is COMPLETE rubbish. I put a card in the slot and my phone kept falling off. I recommend the other parts, just not the cell phone stand.