Survival Gear Phone Cases Where Can I Order

Hello everyone, it’s Marty. And I’ve got a box from Spec Ops Global Company
So now I’ll make my first unboxing and tell you about this company
Let’s go
Incredible, there’s another box inside
Spec Ops Global Company created some interesting service for tactical stuff fans
You can subscribe for everymonth box delivery on their website
There is 4 tariff plans: $19, $49, $99, $139
More expensive your subscription – more expensive stuff you will get in the box
Every month it’s new tactical kit in the box
I’ve got october box, it costs $139. It’s Elite box
Every month you get some thematical surprise. In october it’s Urban Ops
This kits are being used by military or police in manifacture country
As example, this tactical mask was made in USA
This tactical belt – by the firm in USA/Canada
Fast magazine pouch from SAG Poland firm
And chest rig from the same firm
Jackknife from Italy. It’ll be in my knife collection
And most valuable thing for me is this tactical flashlight from Spain
There won’t be any Chinese stuff in Spec Ops Global boxes. All information is in this booklet
If you like tactical stuff and surprises – it’ll be good offer for you
Coupon MARTYAIRSOFT will give you 10% discount on the first box
Link is in description. Like, subrscibe. Good luck, friends

05 Survival Gear Phone Cases Where Can I Order Near Me

05 Facts About Survival Gear Phone Cases Where Can I Order At Sep 11th

Survival Gear Phone Cases Where Can I Order

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  1. Сделайте пожалуйста видеообзор как заказывать )

  2. Марти, интерес мучает. Есть подобная рассылка, но российского производства?

  3. Марти, я понимаю что ответ уже поздно и сайт уже закрылся как я понял, но по-моему у тебя набор не за 139 а за 99, у тебя так даже на вкладыше написано. Может за 139 тебе что-то ещё более интересное положили бы.