4 thoughts to Survival Gear Phone Cases Where Can We Shop At 18:38

  1. I just got the g3 and it has a small rattle when you lightly shake it. It shoots GREAT and dead on target. I'm wondering if I need to worry about it? I'd like your opinion.

  2. As a review, everything you say may be true but you started the video stating your bias for the S&W. That makes your review and especially your conclusion personal and honest. I appreciate that a lot! Thanks!

  3. I bought this when it first came out and had multiple problems with it. Traded it quick. Loved the feel and design. It gave me issues with light primer strikes and trigger reset. It was real buggy. Same problems with accuracy as yours, all over the place. I chalked that up to a problem of consistency in the firing mechanism given the frequency of light primer strikes. I've been debating picking up one of the 2017 models since I liked the gun otherwise so much.

  4. The 709 slim as well as the other taurus pistols with the safety key hole can be put into double action mode and carried that way. All you do is "lock the gun" with the key, press the trigger and then unlock it. I've been carrying mine this way for a long time. In conclusion it would be considered single/double action. 😉