6 thoughts to Survival Gear Pictures How Can I Shop At 10:37

  1. Hey man all your camping and shelter videos are awesome and helpful I'm going camping tomorrow and I'm going to build ana A Framed shelter even though its the summer I wanna try something new kept up the great work and you have a new subscriber

  2. I went with a synthetic sleeping bag because it tends to get foggy at night where I live and it's a bit hard to keep the bag dry when it's got condensation all over it.

  3. Great series. We have a lot of similar gear. Are you near TN? I need some bivouac friends, no lie. Looking for a used canoe for next spring to step it up a little and save my back.

  4. Keep up the amazing work on the videos man damn good series on here than others that I've watched I can say that much lol… Also what part of Pa (pvt msg me) I'm moving up there in the Lancaster Co area with my gf who's up there in Med school and what not after basic training and AIT in the ANG as a Combat medic I'd love to meet up and just bivouac or just bush craft and just sit around the fire and have a few beers here and there. Anyways have a good day.

  5. When sleeping on the ground/tent or tarp I use a wiggys' bag. When its not holding its rating its time to put it in the washing machine. Had mine for ten years no deteriation and they are compressed in storage. Worth the money. I have a bad back so I swithched to hammock camping bout 3 yrs ago. My twist on it is to poke a hole through the bottom of the bag and run the end of the hammock through it. Then the bag can hang out of the way or be pulled around you like a cacoon. So far the walmart down bag takes me down to 29F with fleece tobagan,T,pants, wool socks and sneakers on. I pack a 10mm now with 230gr FnHC. Had a friend's uncle mauled by a bear–he couldn't open his folder. I also carry a fixed blade now. great vid.

  6. My hammock sleep system does not need a pad or underquilt down to 29F. I use a pad if temp near 20F. A sweat shirt or a hood helps greatly as temps dip.