11 thoughts to Survival Gear Pictures How Can One Shop At 12:40

  1. ohhh HOW I WISH every you tuber who DOESNT make videos and have a active channel would watch this girl!! I spend endless hours editing and filming my videos! AND my husband RARELY helps! I spent the majority of my videos using a 5 gallon bucket balancing on that and whatever I could use (rocks, boards, you name it) HOW many times that stupid camera fell over OR I FELL over from crouching down!! And redo's…I would just SAY SPIT it out please!!!! Im very lucky since my subscribers really do give me awesome feedback…but it is indeed HARD long hour!!!
    Thanks for making this…hopefully a new appreciate of the countless hours we spend making the videos will be more appreciated! God Bless

  2. Yall two are cool. I do have to compliment you on using your off hand to pull the dummy toward you. Basic taijustsu skill to keep your opponent off balance.

  3. This is probably one my favourite videos. I love the behind the scenes, would also be a really interesting video to show how you decide what video to do then also show you writing the scripts for the video.

  4. Good thing You Tubers have a pretty good coat of patience…cuz makin' vids can grind away a lot of it…with a

    Hats off to you two.