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Country Prepper on EBAY

lock on the back
it comes with the Ferro rod and a
Ferro rod holder

Only 40 dollars
Country Prepper on Ebay

I put a flint steel kit to go in it

works really good
I shortened it where it would fit
inside this 2 ounce can

the steel is 1095 high carbon but on this
side right here I sharpened one side

can strike it on this side and this side
I made a Ferro rod struck right at it

most of them come kind of rounded on the
edge so it won’t strike so I flatten
that off but anyway I thought that was a
good product and it seemed to work
pretty good expecially for just a little
et CTN or something like that and
and it all just locks right back in
.. even comes with the bungee on the
fire on the fair rod so it’s on you
don’t lose it!
It come in a bunch of different colors
so I figured that would
be a good little thing to show you

Quentin McGill and his his YouTube
channel to squintin Quentin and I’m
going to tag Wildsoul Vee
that’s her YouTube channel too

and James Harrison, junkyard Fox
the video will be on your most
recent purchase your most used knives
and your best deal that you got so I
oversee y’all your videos up and thank
you for watching
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Survival Gear Pictures How To Buy

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  1. Good idea sharpening one side of the steel to make a striker
    and cutting it down to fit the kit good job