8 thoughts to Survival Gear Pinterest How Do I Buy At 4:42

  1. This is the first box I have seen where I think you could get it for cheaper when not buying it all together. Since there is normally at least one thing in these boxes that you don't want it doesn't seem worth it.

  2. you said amazon so you are not looking at the full retail price of the items.

  3. on most of my gear I do end up paying the retail price on them so that doesn't bother me all too much. but I was correcting you on that statement. while you may be able to get the items on sale, the value of the item, what it is worth is what they go by. I have tac pack also and I do estimates on my boxes as well

  4. I like the cleaning kit, nice idea shaping it like a mag so it's easier to carry with you.

  5. I have yet to see any monthly subscription based boxes on the market that are worth it. As far as the pricing to value goes it seems misleading. You have the cost of making the items, then the cost they should charge you, then you have the MSRP which is way higher than the value. Of course it seems like some are worth it because they play the numbers game. They are making a killing on sales from people who buy these boxes.

  6. GARBAGE…. LMAO at these boxes… ohh so tactical ohh I am a prepper… I get a box in the mail with a logo that gives away your prepping to everyone from the mailman to the garbageman