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  1. Just got one of these a few weeks ago. When I first saw one, with the way the slide looked, I thought it would be the last pistol that I would chose, that was until I got my hands on one. Agree 100% about what a great out of the box trigger & I love the grip. This is also coming from a Glock guy. This is fast becoming my favorite pistol.

  2. Great review of the beretta APX but your shooting skills and technique is much to be desired. Please keep your fingers from riding the slide, a very very bad habit. Drawing from your holster looks very sloppy. if you are going to review handguns please clean up your shooting technique.

  3. All these cool new polymer wonders are not chambered in my favorite caliber. 357 sig. I have alot of 357 ammo stockpiled.

  4. hi men.
    jus buy my apx here in Chile, but here dont have accessories, any place where to buy, thkz