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hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper I’m out of my Granny Camp Alaska Granny
camp which is my Alaska off-grid cabin
and it allows me to spend some time
reflecting over some of the events that have occurred in the world
over the last few months as much as I think that I’m prepared for emergencies prepper prepping plans and
I try to think of all the emergency survival scenarios that could happen earthquake tornado flood wild fire hurricane civil unrest economic downturn winter storms
I was completely flabbergasted by how
the pandemic of coronavirus and covid 19
throughout the world maybe you’re like
me and
you’ve tried to figure out what are the
most likely emergency disaster scenarios that’ll happen to
me where I live what are the risks
in my lifetime and pandemic was just not
high on my priority list so it certainly
sent me into a little bit of a panic
when all of a sudden everything shut
down all over the world
someone needs a little cuddle oh you’re
okay AlaskaGranny dog Teddy
you’re okay so now that things have
calmed down pandemic rates are down stores are reopening businesses can start up again
a bit places have reopened it’s given me
some time to reflect
over how did I react when I got the word
that everything was closing down pandemic quarantine businesses shut down stay at home orders
what did I do that I found to be
successful and what do I hope to learn
going forward what to do in an emergency situation because they keep saying that this pandemic coronavirus covid 19 is coming back
businesses schools restaurants bars are starting to close down again
and we don’t want to be caught off guard
again in a resurgence of the pandemic emergency situation so what have I learned from that that I hope
to do better in the future covid 19 emergency planning redo
even though I have lots of supplies and
I feel like I’m prepared long term food storage bug out bag survival gear emergency stockpile prepper prepping plan there’s always one more shot for
survival shopping what was the one more stop that you
could make that you could fill in any
blanks in your prepping gear survival stockpile food storage emergency stockpile one stop shopping you have
before who knows what’s coming how long it will last
how long you’ll need to rely on the emergency prepping supplies stockpile
things that you already have on hand
grocery stores were jammed you couldn’t
even get into the parking lot
I don’t belong to a membership warehouse but the one near me people were standing
outside in the snow for two hours just to get in to get a
chance to see if anything was left so my strategy was
to think about the stores where people
didn’t rush to they’re all running out to
try to get the cheapest items and I wanted to go to a store that had
the items supplies food water toilet paper cleaners most needed prepping items gear supplies that I wanted
and so I went to the drugstore
like a Walgreens or a CVS and to the
hardware store Ace True Value
the drugstore and the hardware store may
not be the least expensive way
to gather up the emergency survival supplies prepping things that you need
but they can certainly fulfill
all of the categories that you need for your survival shopping trip get
an additional supply of food
tear open and eat shelf stable milk
boxes of cereal
granola bars soups chilis food
anything that you can find that’s simple
to eat that you don’t have to prepare
cans of nuts dried fruits those were the
food items that I chose when I went to the drugstore Walgreens CVS you
can also get bottled water toilet paper sometimes there’s still
paper towels maybe you can still find
some cleaning supplies bleach hand sanitizer
those things were gone immediately from
the big stores
and many places stores shops have still not even come back in stock cannot buy them anywhere
months later I’ve still not seen any
lysol spray
clorox wipes hand sanitizer some of the
items that I had on hand I was thankful
I did but it’s just been impossible to try to
get more of those things cleaning supplies another item you can easily get at the
hardware store or the drugstore
are garbage bags and don’t forget
hardware stores also have cleaning
supplies they
also have things like shop towels for
like blue paper towels for cleaning in
your garage you can still find survival supplies emergency prepping needs gear things that you need
if you don’t have the prepping preparedness emergency supplies that you want if you have pets
grab some extra pet food maybe some
if you don’t have a sufficient supply at
home in your stockpile
head to the medicine aisles medicines
for headaches
body aches fevers coughs upset stomach
diarrhea all of the categories of
medicines that you rely on
make sure that you have them on hand or
pick them up in your last stop shopping survival shopping trip get first aid and hygiene supplies hey no teeth
no teeth no teeth we don’t bite no we
don’t bite
pick up extra first aid supplies hygiene
supplies all of the categories of things you use
from when you get up in the morning till
you go to bed at night
what are the products you rely on having
those are the supplies you want to load up
on now in your last minute survival shopping trip
one of the great things about a hardware
store is you can still find some tools
and maybe even some basic type of
camping or outdoor gear for your survival shopping emergency gear kit
you can also get things at the hardware
store that can help keep your car
in good repair in case for some reason
you needed to bug out have a bug out bag what did I find I missed the most during
this lockdown this pandemic this
quarantine stay at home coronavirus covid 19 what would I redo
I wished I’d had more variety in my food
I wished I had had more of the cleaning
supplies the hand sanitizers
the clorox wipes the lysol sprays I wish
I’d had more of those disinfecting cleaners
and remember we don’t know if next time we have an emergency situation maybe the power will go out
or the water will stop running so keep
in mind
what are the categories of all of the
emergencies that could happen
and make sure that you’re stockpiling
some supplies for those things all types of emergency situations
flashlights batteries candles we know many places in our country on an
average day that water isn’t safe to
know how to boil water but also have
ways to filter it if you don’t have the
access for a way to boil your water
I like to keep my barbecue tank the
propane tank full I keep an extra propane tank for emergencies keep
the gas tank on your car at least half
and keep a supply of cash some of the
stores are trying to say they can’t take
cash they can’t make change
but I think if you have a nice supply of
small bills you’ll still be able to get the things
that you need from other places besides
a big box store
don’t hesitate when you see the warning
signs make your last shopping trip for survival supplies trip count
before it’s unsafe to go out or there’s
nothing left don’t rely
on stock on hand you noticed in the
store a week ago a month ago
it may not be there tomorrow or even
this afternoon
so you don’t want to wait so long
thinking there’s plenty of time to stock up
i don’t need to stock up don’t be a
victim of normalcy bias that I’m in my
home everything is okay and I’ll be safe
think about the categories of emergency supplies what do I need to stay safe in my home
what do I need if I have to leave my
home because it’s always a possibility
due to earthquakes hurricanes tornadoes
forest fires
there’s a lot of reasons we may not be
safe in our home and we have to have
a bug out bag our car full of gas and be
ready to go bug out and have an idea of where
you could go and how you would get there to your bug out location
if we try to imagine the different
emergency scenarios and how we would cope with it it helps us be prepared and not scared
we don’t want to be scared in an
emergency we want to have the confidence
that we’ve prepared the best we can
we have an idea of what we can do and
we’re going to make the best of whatever
situation comes our way
so make a plan to have the things that
you need even planning your last minute survival shopping
if you enjoyed my video i hope you’ll share it with someone else you think
might like it
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  1. I love your small bug out Granny Camp. The first thing that caught my eye is zero insulation in the dwelling. That’s a huge prep in being able to stay warm. You could keep that shack very warm with very little fuel if it was insulated. One of my biggest questions is how do I stay warm for 6 months if things go south. Most people have zero access to firewood and few have a good size liquid propane supply on hand. We have both thankfully. Kerosene is fairly inexpensive and easily stored in barrels. Thanks for keeping us thinking 👍

  2. love your program… !!!
    We store and take Tonic Water, Quercetin and zinc etc.
    Also… the latest:
    "Calif. doctor successfully cures 1,700 COVID-19 patients"
    One America News Network 5 Oct 2020

  3. The Dollar General in the opposite end of the shopping center has more medical supplies than the Walgreens does. There is only one isle out of nine in my local Walgreen’s that would even suggest that you are in a pharmacy. Rite-Aid and CVS have much stocks if things that a pharmacy is supposed to carry.

  4. I did not panic and I was prepared. I had TP for a year! Preparing is key. As a prepper I’m surprised you were in a bit of a panic.

  5. Love the tip about going to the stores that people aren't rushing to as much. It's a really good point that they are more likely to have items in stock.