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  1. You really aren't getting near enough attention, especially to videos such as this. I am in com-plete agreement with everything I have heard you say here. I will do everything I am able to in order to help you get this message heard. Once again…you are dead on!👌🏻. Please keep up the great work!

  2. Keep making motivational video's and i'll end up having to change my channel name eventually, lol. Great stuff though

  3. There are just so many things to learn or skills to be constantly trained, apart from getting fit, like learning some kind of martial art, knive combat, first aid, swimming, climbing, electronics, maps and orientation, all the bushcraft skills (trapping, forraging, learning properties of different plants, shelters, fire, woodcrafting…), the list goes on and on. In short, all the things children should be learning instead of the useless crap they have to memorize. But getting fit is definately the place to begin with.

  4. Exactly the reason why im motivated to prepare my body for hardship.. I don't agree a high fat percentage is going to increase survival besides a small scale shtf.. Like crashing and you have to wait a few days before the resceu crew to safe you when you don't have any food with you. But In a long term shtf you have to be fit in order to survive. Bieng fat and having bad health is the opposite of preparing. And to lose fat compound exercises are the way to go to lose fat.. After a fullbody workout your body burn so many cal to repair the muscles. It work so much better then cardio. But cardio is good to increase your endurance. Thanks for the video man. I like to think about these things. And remind myself my i do everything i do.

  5. Great video! Might I suggest you post a video showing how you used to look and be compared to now? I think that would inspire people… Just a suggestion.