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fire starters from antibacterial wipes easy fire starter starting ideas tips
hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper have you have been wondering about fire starters DIY fire starting we know
that we can start fires easily use things like alcohol prep pads cotton balls petroleum jelly hand
sanitizers so I started thinking what
about antibacterial wipes
why wouldn’t they also be a great DIY fire starting fire starter they include a surface that
seems like it would be a burnable fuel
and then it would have the antibacterial
fluids and components like a Purell hand sanitizer
antibacterial sanitizer that should be a
great propellant for a flame wouldn’t it
be great if we had fire starters right
here in our cleanup kits if you were
experiencing something like Coronavirus
or some kind of a pandemic or some bad
flood or something emergency you needed to clean up after wouldn’t be great if you could
use these as a fire starter it would
help you to burn up any debris trash or
bacterial things that you don’t want
around if burning is an option where you
are let’s try a few antibacterial wipes as fire starters and see what happens
you can see it doesn’t seem to matter
which type of antibacterial wet wipes
and cleanup wipes that I’ve tried to use
as fire starters none of them seem to
burn anywhere near as well as the DIY fire
starter made out of petroleum jelly
cotton balls cotton rounds liquid hand
sanitizer alcohol prep pads those all
burn very well very hot and do a great
job as a fire starter
while antibacterial wipes seem like they
would be another great option for a fire
starter they’re great at cleaning up but
they’re not the thing to have on hand to
count on as an emergency DIY survival fire starter it’s always great to be checking out our
preps and seeing if there’s multiple
ways we can use the things that we have
to make the things that we need keep
trying and see if you’ve learned
something that was surprising to you
that did work as a fire starter or
something that you thought should be a
fire starter and didn’t work either if
you like my video I hope you’ll share it
with someone you think would enjoy it
and i hope you’ll subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel youtube prepping prepper channel

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5 thoughts to Survival Gear Products Order Online At 19:41

  1. Great info..good to glad my sons' are grown..When a preteen one of them showed classmate quickly hairspray ignites..unfortunately the experiment was in the boys bathroom at school 🙄School suspension anyone? 🥴God bless 💚👵

  2. Interesting experiment. I had not thought of those wipes as a fire starter. It also seems to be difficult to get it lite. Not an item I want to use when only having sparks from a flint or a single match.
    As a thought, the alcohol content may be sufficient but there may be other chemicals that would retard the ability to burn.
    Thanks for sharing this experiment!

  3. Thanks for testing these for us.

    My grandkids like to make firestarters from cardboard egg cartons, paraffin & dryer lint. They enjoy making them & I enjoy starting a toasty fire with them. Lol

  4. You should repeat the tests after allowing the wipes to dry out. My theory is that there is too much H²O in the sanitising fluid, which once it has evaporated will cease to inhibit combustion.