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Guys welcome back today is an exciting day because today is the day that we are making rope with our homemade rope making machine
that we made out of very simple materials that I got from my hardware store
Hopefully its simple enough that you can make one at home as well,
and today I’m going to show you what it can do.
I’ve gathered up a number of different materials ranging from cotton yarn to sisal to dazzle twine, I didn’t even know that was a thing.
We’re gonna put these things through our rope making machine and see what quality and variations of rope we can make today.
And the coolest thing about this setup is theoretically, I should be able to operate it by myself.
Let’s see if that’s really the case.
So to start off our experiment today, I thought it would be fun to start with some of this polypropylene twisted mason line.
Now the line itself says it’s not made for any load bearing applications
because one strand by itself really isn’t that strong.
But the process of winding weak individual strands into one rope makes these fibers exponentially stronger.
Let me show you what I mean.
Now the whole idea of building the system the way I did is to automate the process so one person
by themself can make rope at home.
Now in doing a few experiments preparing for this video today, I came across a few snags that affected the quality
of my rope
So I’ve made a few adjustments to this system that’ll hopefully address those challenges
first thing i did was take a little bit
of sandpaper and stand out the
individual holds and the rope make some
stops to make them a bit smoother that
way the lines won’t snag up when they
start twisting i also went down to the
hardware store and found a little round
knob that i put on the back and the idea
here is that’s going to reduce the
friction so the top can slide a little
bit easier when it’s ready to the swivel
hooks that i picked up have a tendency
to bind and they don’t swivel as much as
I wanted them to so I just gave a few
shots of wd-40 that’ll hopefully add a
little bit of lubrication and get them
spinning a bit quicker and I increase
the weight of our counterweight by using
a larger water bottle so now we’re ready
to make some rope and here’s how we get
started since I’ve already got these
clamps hear what I’m going to do is just
tie a quick Slipknot and loop it over
one of the tops of the clamps there just
to hold it in place and then run the
string all the way down to one of the
bottom hooks I’m gonna start with the
bottom left hook it’s important that
this string goes in between these two
guidelines and hooks on from the inside
to see why in a second now this line can
run back loop back around our post and
we’re going to do the same thing with
the hook on the right side we’re going
to make sure the line goes inside the
two guide wires up around the hook and
pull it tight
one more loop around the back post and
this time we’re going to go over the top
of this unit and we’re going to loop
into the top hook and run it back so as
easy as that all of our line has been
run so now we can disconnect it from the
post travel up the line a little bit and
we can just form a simple Slipknot that
will give us a little loose they’ll
connect right into our swivel hook pull
that tight and snip off the excess so
slippery now from the wd-40 now if you
look at the way I design this
road-making top here there’s little
slits that connect to each of these
holes and that’s what these strings can
fit up inside and be held in place once
they’re in there they’re not going to
come out and it’s very important now
here’s where it gets fun guys all we
have to do is take our slider and push
it to the back connect our drill to one
of the spare bowls pull the trigger and
watch what happen
okay so looking at the quality of this
robe guys it’s still not what I want it
to be and I think that’s because this
little ball that I put on the back
didn’t actually get pushed it kind of
like bypass the ball and created a
little not here so we take that ball off
I’m going to cut it in half drill in tap
a hole so we get kind of a half moon
crescent shape stuck on the back
hopefully that will help guide it a
little bit better than this one did oh
don’t tell me that glass oh geez dang it
i thought that was plastic so update
guys apparently our little knob was made
of glass i cannot cut it in half so i’m
gonna have to make one out of wood
instead it’s only a fail if you give up
and stop trying the thing that turned
out pretty good for just hacking it
what bumper that has to work I can’t see
how it wouldn’t all right we’re trying
this again guys but this time we’re
using our modified would bumper at the
back see if that makes a difference
and stuff there we go look at that now
watch what happens if I release a little
bit of tension on the line here watch it
happen to the string all that tension
that was trapped in there comes right
out and now look at our rope oh my
goodness that is professional look at
that guy’s so I think our little bumper
on the back there made a huge difference
it pushed it along look at this right
here does that not look like a
professional piece of cordage that is
absolutely gorgeous there’s a nice piece
of three strands rope we just made out
of listed mason line now that’s the
other stuff is really really strong it
can be really fun if not with all the
sweet smell of success update guys we
have just had some success this worked
with a pull the trigger and about 60
seconds of run time we just made
ourselves about a four-foot length of
rope now this still needs to be tied off
and cut but there’s a very easy way to
do that now you’re going to need is a
little bit of electrical tape a pair of
scissors watch this now take a small
piece of electrical tape and just wrap
it around a few times at the very end of
the rope where you want to cut it off
then go to the back end of the rope and
do the same thing now if your rope has a
few imperfections along the first
students is that’s pretty normal that’s
no big deal just come up to where it
starts looking good and wrap your tape
there instead this will be the beginning
of your finished rope cut the rope at
the back just where the electrical tape
ends and be prepared because that’s
going to release attention and drop your
counterweight now simply snip off the
other end and you’re finished rope is
complete these little bits here you need
to get rid of just pull your slider back
and they come right off the hook no
problem let’s check out what we’ve got
nice piece of orange cordage I mean that
looks really cool guys that is
completely legit and this is one that
you can practice time your knocks with
and for example very quickly we can make
ourselves a little square not cool thing
about this knot is just like two loops
pull together well it’s pretty cool
so great news guys apparently now we can
make a rope very quickly and very easily
let’s change things up a little bit and
have some fun with color now one thing
going through my mind is if you put a
different color of rope on each one of
the strands and they’re wound them
together what would the Rope end up
looking like let’s try throwing these
three colors on and seeing how they turn
and stop I like this system so we just
turned three different colors of twine
into 13 stranded rope and if you look
carefully here you can actually see all
the different colors you can see the
pattern and you could actually follow
the line if you twist it you can see how
the color twists up and melds in with
the other ones that’s really cool and I
think it’s a good example of how the
ropes twisted and bind together now the
Rope is pretty spin but it’s a lot
stronger than the twine itself and
theoretically you can make three of
these strands quite a bit longer and
wind them together to make an even
thicker rope as we kind of fun to do
we’ve got an orange rope we’ve got a
multicolored rope the next question on
my mind is what if we took some cotton
yarn and put four strands on each foot
how that turned out how’s that going to
look let’s go find out
three that rope looks great that is one
hundred percent cotton guys and that
looks profesh go fishing now run very
very tight I like it just for comparison
here’s one i did with two strands to
hook and this is the one we did four
strands proposed not surprisingly it
essentially doubled the size the guys
we’ve made rope out of cotton out of
swine out of twisted mason line for this
last experiment i want to go back to my
scouting ruth and try to ISIL now if you
look at the package here it says this
only has a working load of five pounds
which really isn’t that much but you
combine these things together in terms
of rope and their strengths goes up
exponentially the problem with this
stuff is it’s got a lot of fibers that
stick out usually you need a couple
people to help pull the lines apart as
you’re making the rope so I went down to
a local laundromat and pick up some wire
hangers to see if we could make a
makeshift spacer to do it all for ax
kind of looks like a car
cool wow it worked did it guys we
single-handedly made a nice length of
sie soll rope and this is really
nostalgic stuff for me because it takes
me back to my Boy Scout days this smell
the feel I mean this is the stuff that
we used to make and to get all these
fibers off the sides we would usually
drag this to the flames of fire but in
lieu of a fire today I’m going to use my
propane torch instead mmm smell brings
back memories roads like this still have
quite a bit of tension wounding to them
so they need to be stretched they need
to be beaten they need to be worked over
time and they will soften and loosen up
and be a little bit more workable you
can make ropes a lot longer than this as
well just for fun I tried making about
20 foot lengths of rope because that’s
as far as I could stretch it across my
living room but you could scale this
idea and go even longer as long as you
had enough spacers in between so the
fibers didn’t catch into each other we
now have the power to make rope at home
and this could virtually be applied to
any fibrous material you could use
coconut Hut you can use them you could
use string you can even use human hair
I’ll be an interesting project limit so
I hope you guys try this making rope is
a lot of fun simple materials a great
weekend project so go give it a try
thanks for joining me for this project
today I’ll be looking for you the next
one talk to you then rope like this I
feel like we should go build a pirate
ship a nice big wooden ship hey guys
thanks for watching and remember i’m
giving away prizes now on every new
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and selectively notified when my next
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giveaways will be pinned in the comments
for the first 12 hours if you like what
I’m doing so your support right now by
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see you next time

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