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  2. I've got a number of these squirreled away here there an everywhere. Why not as stated they are cheap and small. a great adjunct to everything else.
    I had my doubts but mostly they're MISUSED you need something between you and a space blanket touching your skin nullifies the reflective properties, but even a thin blanket or sheet added to a space blanket is amazing in it's ability to maintain warmth.

    As for single use BS. I've got one I've been using for three years now. Originally testing for the intended purpose, then I got folded, stuff sacked, used to keep cold stuff cold on trips, home from the store, keep stuff hot going out to eat at the park an hour and a half away… I added it to a Stanley Thermos to keep a beverage hot for 48 hours.

    Mr. survivalcommonsense simply needs verbiage to take up space for the purpose of driving ad revenue … sad because going on like this in a nonsensical way damages his ability to be trusted on other issues of survival and his motives.

  3. Snoopy told you to ditch the blankie. ASK yourself this ONE question. Which of these items will keep you warm out in the cold if you had NO cloths On. A Mylar blanket wrapped around you to keep you warm OR Cloths on. DUH. You will put the cloths on. SO why on earth would you have that stupid mylar blanket. JUNK. TELL the guy in the video to take off the sweater, scarf, undershirt, pants, socks, shoes and put on his MYLAR BLANKIE and wrap it around him to keep him warm in the woods. I GARENTEE you, he will not be singing the same tune about his BLANKIE keeping him warm. SO why bother with carry this extra JUNK around. The only thing it IS GOOD FOR, is a tarp over your head to keep the rain off or use for shade. SO with that in mind , his mylar BLANKIE needs more square footage so you can use it as an EMERGENCY tarp to keep the rain or snow off you so that you stay dry. NOT AS a BLANKIE to keep you warm.

  4. Some Bush Crafters/Survivalists have trends like little school kids and everyone has to own the thing(s) that are cool at the moment or you're (somehow) not as good a Bush Crafter/Survivalist as the people who do own these things. It used to be everything has to be made of stainless steel but (surprise!!!) that can get quite heavy if you have to backpack it more than two miles so now everything has to be made of titanium. Lightweight aluminium is very uncool because it will definitely give you alzheimers, it's just a coincidence it's quite cheap to buy. It used to be space blankets were cool and everyone had to have three stuffed into every bit of space you had in your kit or you would surely perish in the wilds. Now there are emergency bivvy's which (you guessed it) cost more than space blankets so suddenly space blankets are beyond worthless and you'd be a fool to trust your life to anything less than a top of the range emergency bivvy. If you want things to get really over the top bring up the subject of knives.

  5. I sure won't be removing it from my aid kit. its very important for treating cold weather injuries

  6. Perhaps you could offer an alternative to the spaceblanket disertation instead of just counter arguments????like what You would use

  7. Don't waste your time responding to ignorant people…people can use the product and make up their own minds. I love the material. I taped mine too my tarp, also have a survival mylar sleeping bag which doubles as an inner liner for a heavy duty sleeping bag. Now I see the material used in clothing…tons of uses.

  8. typical mylar blankets tear just cause you look at them sideways. if you spend a night in one, on a pile of debris, it will have many holes and tears in it by morning. The SOL brand of mylar blanket, while being 10x as expensive, IS considerably more durable, but you still have to be very careful with it. The "shirt pocket ' disposable mylar blankets dont really give you much warmth, 10F degrees at most,. The wind blows right thru them. They'll sort of keep the rain off of you, for as long as you can remain conscious and sitting up. The SOL "breathable" mylar Escape lite is $40 and WAY too small for a big man. You can't have it touching you, or you'll have cold spots, other than what's under you. What I did was buy 2 of them, cut one in half, and used 100 mph tape to enlarge the "factory" one by 50%. I then put it inside of the SOL two-person "non breathable" mylar bivvy, and tent them over a ridgeline. The tenting is essential, or you wont get the layer of trapped air you have to have for insulation. There can be NO air leaks, so carry some repair tape! I installed full zippers in both bags so that I can lay them out flat as tarps or wear them as ponchos. This saves me having to carry/wear extra clothing. i used some of the left over Escape mylar to make a drawstring hood and a pair of booties. Both work just fine.