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What’s going on guys welcome to dope or nope the show, where we review products?
And don’t care what anyone thinks about us no that’s not true, well maybe it’s true for me i’m a
Little insecure just a little bit how are you guys, doing it insecure perfect
Today, we’re looking at ten, wish products that
We got for free that is right michael has picked out ten products
That we got for free that means if you guys aren’t familiar you can go on wish calm and there are literally
They’re, literally products
That are free like thousands of them filled poker outdoor concealed weapon doors knife martial arts practice darth missus
Self-defense, why, freeze, oh so these are throwing darts don’t you, love, these gloves that they’re holding, well you know
They’re, legit yeah, that’s how
You know they watch a lot of naruto that’s their martial arts proud, and they they call them darts
More like it’s throwing star i can, take anybody seriously with that haircut
He’s like, yeah the barbers just like doesn’t show. You the mirror he’s like, you’re good
Amazing, made and looks great my husband is going to love this
Better lighting i don’t know
What are you doing here alright, bye or get for free i guess
So check this out it came in a little pouch with a belt loop, you know, whenever you need to conquer
Some demons this is heavy though, oh there’s multiple in there, why all ace of spades?
It could have done all four actually mentally what a lost opportunity you look, like razor blades you’re, not even sharp, what are your throat
Okay, to cut all right do we have something for me to throw
This at or am i just gonna check it out the window. Oh that put it right there okay distance
Through, it like a baby, well i wasn’t like trying to like he just got super insecure alan
oh man, well wrong some of these you, want me to try i
Don’t want to go too hard in case i miss oh i won’t what if i miss and i just stick it in the wall
That’s fire fire content it’s not going in cuz
you got to really like you got a will at it oh i have to will it and then you got to grace it in
Calm bow breaker, sorry is really to all the hard work you put into that
There you, go that’s right don’t come up on me in an alley
Don’t forget your gloves that’s the new, thing remember when i would used to throw. Things behind me the, new
Thing, is just i’m just gonna
I’m gonna, give that a nope, you’re, gonna give it a
Nope, yeah that means i have to pitch it to you there’s, no way that looks cool i’m anybody even with. You you’re a
Camel pants on it’s pretty cool
Not cool, okay, what about you nick, oh i think it’s a. Joke?
That’s how i usually celebrate yeses you know
Appearing cane is three bucks thanks, bri fyi the listings change guys, that’s how, the list things it’s like
Ebay, like like consistently just like you have any screenshot to prove it
Never, gonna just like, somber video now, aaron put free right over this
Appearing, cane metal silver magic. Tricks close-up illusion silk to one
Watching this you’ve seen this i’ve seen, these, things like, this i’m guessing
What it does is it starts?
Off all bunched up and then you can, like whip it and it turns your local wand and you’re like
What a wonderful fly pink for that michael alright looks like, we have english on the box
like a trick shot i
Feel, like you need, to press this in or cross this out i know
You, mean like bend up, where they pull out and bend up, oh, oh?
Yo, that looks like metal. Oh wait whoa that’s hard
Oh, my, gosh, well hit her hard you can see the metal seams right there it looks like actual
Metal i’m like i’m looking at it up close and they’re, tiny tiny tiny little seams you’re
Gonna actually see a little better on camera but up close that looks like a metal pole someone was coming at me
Impressive yeah it’s actually i think it is an actual metal it’s just a very light metal but you can
Feel it has like that density to it and then it ends it with this little
Nothing takes a serious out of it like that that can knock someone out. Yeah i’ll try hitting me a really hard, oh?
I’ve really been touched that, is i’m setting it down?
Molly i never been so close to death in one day, did you imagine if you had of that pointy to upward
oh, yeah i went on a
So he had that pretty much like twist this top part he had to hold the bottom part and then he had to force it
All the way out and then he had to drag this little piece here up yeah this is too much effort but it looks kind
Of cool, what if this were like a baton you know let’s go to the fence you’re. Just like, oh
Actually you got longer than mortise one good i’m gonna give that one a dope give another dope it’s a dope for sure you can
Do damage about 6 10 pcs love, where’s pearl. Mussel pearl oyster drop pearl pendant
Oh, what is that good luck selling this to me michael you know, what hailey that right or did like
Did they like comb it out. And put like nice one then comb it out i was cleaning it out. You, mean like all right
You, mastered it looks like a little something died in it yeah that’s what i’m saying
Is the colour is random or do they really come color though, baby, is white maybe?
color, parole you get
Ladies one better than the other you know, maybe is why you got purple ah
Alright, bye now, yeah like, you’re saying this is gonna leak i don’t know it my i don’t think it’s gonna leave
Yo, that looks like, a fresh clam you, want some scissors yeah yeah i have scissors
What are you doing, is that your birth like, declaiming. Oh cringing so hard
What do you mean open it up using your fingers, oh my, gosh, oh you got the white pearl girl are these actually real
Oh, no, way?
How, do they, make that clan that watch this dude you’re gonna shoot off of me no wearing eye protection told
You crusted though here’s some of it no i think that’s real there’s no way
We be rich i actually, think it’s real i’m not kidding
You, look, like the way it’s all formed inside there why, do we get it for free though ok, google how
Much is a pearl? -whatever google said-
White pearl get to the question! -google whatever it said-
No, see that’s not that’s a dollar in a buck i’ll – you. Guys, gotta go
That is discussing you like seafood boy?
You, eat that right out of here buy you one no is it lunch, oh bye you see my maserati
Maserati, i would it come on i would roll i couldn’t handle the puking, fine i’ll give you a
Okay, yeah maybe i wouldn’t, do that yeah i couldn’t good, yeah, whoo i’m gonna
Say nope on there i’m gonna, nope that so hard nope before i get into that next product
Big shout-out, to our subreddit because if you’re, new here you can, submit products that you find to our subreddit and yeah
We may take a look, at them next product fingertip magic, magnetic ball fighting ball decompression magic ball toy flashing
Induction ball that’s a lot of ball ball is life you could, say you could, say this ball is managed wait
Is that does that strings, is that the whole thing?
Breathing out your imagine all the poor that’s what magic looks like, by now
Every style is fully, wonderful just so you, guys know. And they put the little like kapow
Behind everything in case you get a. Style that, you’re like, me and you turn it over you’re
Like, oh okay, that’s good style okay so this is a ring totally fits my man hands you like a rebel
Answer like i’m big hands too okay this ring, is giant exactly it was to be for kids
Okay, and it fits my biggest finger? Oh alright so i think what you do so we’re still watch
How, did you ball, oh it’s definitely lying thanks for crawling around, aaron aaron end of this to where it looks like
We’re doing it perfect
already, thank you
i’m back
see that okay, that’s what you got to do acid hocus-pocus on it i see you if you
Want to try yeah i don’t think you can control your ball as much as i can, let, me tell you something
about me back in
1966 i the best ball control in the league
It’s on the inflection side i need the reflection, side just making a
Thing it’s just science guys, that’s not science i absolutely hate this thing all right great vote dope now, no no?
Okay, not kobe
First word do you know. How
Many, people bought this rich fashion show run times a gold plated a bitcoin coin, collectible gift btc
Which is bitcoin coin art. Click close so let’s look at the worth of one bitcoin right now, okay one bitcoin, is worth
$7,000 in december it was worth
$19,000 one bitcoin, yeah that’s when, we bought this so thankfully you know?
A lot of people like stan thomas and charles charles
I’m not saying, we stop the video halfway through but i’m not saying, we go to have it well i really
Want to get to have it so i’m gonna hit that bye bye
That’s worth, you’re alive, aaron thank you aaron perfect
Toss i like the fact that it’s gold i’m gonna i’m gonna zoom in on that for you sandman enhance enhance enhance
perfect it has the city of dorado on it
So i like that they put fake circuitry on the back that’s, what bitcoin, looks like, and then if you look
Over on this side it has the beat with the two lines through, like billion this, is worth a billion bitcoin
Though, that means, no it’s pretty cool can i open, this up though your rooinek value so perfect
Whatever he knows, me like i know, me alright so i actually, we got another product
That came with the bitcoin it’s actually the bitcoin best friend hammer coin, oh?
Relax, did he break the coin, we got the coin out yeah
Coin is undamaged, yeah guys it actually feels like a real coin
Here’s the thing you can get anybody with this and i mean get anybody you can a
100% convince somebody this is a real bitcoin
There’s such a few amount of people in the world that really understand cryptocurrency exactly, hundred percent i mean are you guys
Gonna, say nope to the coin, it’s a real bitcoin, did you know
That michael what there’s a real bitcoin, no it’s not so it’s a good that, we bought it at 19,000?
This is only know, one with the best stock yeah i mean my pitch for this a hundred percent even if you
Guys, say yes or no is just that people are so ignorant of how
cryptocurrency, works i could
Convince them this is an actual bitcoin and i can be like
Gmo, 100 percent map your pitch is to scam but it’s technically, made infinite profit but then
Junk, customer now i don’t want this because i know it’s valueless
Thank you a just shampoo showering bathing, bath protect, soft cap hat or a
baby i’d seen, that face so many times baby, look, so emo it needs, like evanescence playing in the background i
Said love a really, soft plus got it three weeks early just in time for my grandbaby, to try it out
No, grad baby how’d. He get it three weeks early i was gonna order this in three weeks
Birthday, wait can, we look at the bottom one?
We’re trying to drown the haters that’s a real evanescence stuff
By, now babies are stuff. Oh yeah i mean you trying to get you to hurry up
They, both have here months
popped out right on man
How, do you even use this. Oh this, no way they’re, gonna fathom hey, this is legal advisor do these bugs business
That’s like a fedora, visor look sideways?
This is actually a fashion statement. You want try not feel like i can, make this hip, oh
My, gosh that is cutting circulation, off no you like, you’re from the future let’s say, you just cut
These things, off yeah, oh yeah, that’s better, what’s, way, less cool
Yeah, yeah, but that’s like, that’s like a
Dude let’s take that and in style this is a dope i like that i give it a good on michael right i give that
A dope, dude that’s like a put up an upper visor
advised or advisor a passer yo
Hand grande hot hundred piece prop money, new
style 100 total ten grand full print stack for movie tv video novelty, and
Photography, so we got cash for free yeah
We just we gotta bail yeah – for free question is how much money did it cost and shipping
Wait $1 wedding is one united states dollar wow
That’s actually a good deal great foreplay money looks impressive arrived, sooner than expected in perfect condition
They, look, real except for the pink right but. You mean that’s that’s, oh, no just for the pink chinese right one add to cart
I’m just calling out my haters no this looks real bro
My, money yo this is bad this is like actually daring you i could take
This to a gas station and i guarantee i can, use at the pet no they’ve seen
A fake, hundred promotional way to use only, yeah but you guys are like i crumpled these up right that’s it the same again
Why, you’re, always trying to scam people look
At that i’m right there it says for motion
Picture use only that looks legit though, tell the realtor are good i don’t think i’ve ever held, this much cash
Yeah, this is ten thousand this is ten thousand this is 10,000 10,000 10,000 we have 50 grand?
$50,000 smells like real money you ever smelled money you were just rub it on your yeah it kind of does you ever just like
Money, you ever just lick it you, ever use money for told people what. You get to where i’m at yeah an apartment
so here’s the question and we
Don’t that’s dope for sure yeah, before, we get to the next product
A big shout-out, to it’s just, kayla she says i will give you
$1,000 for woods as a present, my birthday is in two months i expect him in the mail let
Me tell you something not woods you don’t want that as a present that’s more of a torture you got 10k
Oh, i didn’t even yeah, yeah, boy i got 10k and i got would come up
Just, like, kayla, make sure you guys leave a fat sweet cool comment down below
And we will pick you as, well for the notification swat?
Also hit that sub bell icon mystery surprise gift for kid, woman man super deal
Women is that the venison it’s all-inclusive err yeah breehn i do movies no dimes you can, choose one size or to size
That’s always a nice, well what’s the – maybe the twos?
Not free maybe the two bigger and you can get it for free let’s get two we’re getting two so it can
Come with a variety of random stuff it looks learning, why is this for men
Oh, this looks, like it’s for men they have that i really, want hit like 1990s takes off a bracelet
See what, we get inside the mystery, box everybody all right guys so liz, cut. These hidden all week, oh, my, there unless
Buh-bye, oh there’s something there so life can you open it take so long i didn’t
Want to break it i love boxes i’m a. Box kind of guy i’ll – we got
Wait what the heck, that’s for real yeah
Life do i really get this, what is it i can’t see, what is that?
Oh it’s a watch that’s a shoulder pad your sands yeah what
Is that you sit on it not a shoulder bag or jacquard maybe it is for a dog
And they said for men and children and women and on this day the grinch’s heart grew
What does it say it is oh?
Shiny writing, who uses a snakeskin watch crocodile dundee dude what it’s doing now
Yeah, who does that wild udon is about i want to note my, own product, did he have a snakeskin watch though
Actual cow skin oh so much cooler i mean this cake, came from it that’s good
Well looks kind of good together though you know. You got that big red heart background it’s just lay on the fluff it’s
Like this, feels what are the infomercials with the slow, zoom on them jewelry yeah i can be like you be seen here
we got a

It has eight different quadrants right here on the top if you
go, and get that reflection wow i actually think that watch maze is cool it’s on the glass i should, say it could be
Super material, what do you guys, think i like the idea of the glass being like
Textured like that but i’m gonna have to say for free go for the for the mystery box
Because it’s free dylan shot. Oh what are those screenshots. Those lips, oh, my, gosh, that dylan
Gold collagen, crystal lip, mask lip, care joe paul hydrating prepared remove lines blemishes fuller lip care
Well origin look at the picture down below. This is duck fat right
Shots of mom in the back though look at. Her she’s like, my banga or thumb pull, by now, good job the
Way, yeah, they’re collagen yeah
there’s so many of them you got to put it on –
Yeah, i only have to put them on pieces oh you’re, joining suit up, boys i’m sorry i already have
Bad skin i can’t risk getting, worse all right i’ll open this up my
Good she in there i really
Want to press on lipsticks for free i hate this kind of material collagen it’s early animal fast weight that’s
What collagen is yes i told you it’s duck fat like, eight minutes now. You didn’t listen
You’re, just gleek
Door i mean dude it honestly feels like a rat heel like that was really
Wet all right put it on wait what goes in what are those, ugh cuz
I got my louie does this part go up how do i wear this
Push out your, lips, like that cuz, he’s got a moustache how, did marco eat they do it so perfectly my
Gosh, it’s like, like the scene from the office
I’m gonna vote no
Me too if they don’t know. Though yeah i thought so too, no that is the heaviest weight ellipse and i’ve seen
My lips to make sure it didn’t work
Mini, usb mp3 music media player micro sd
Feeling, about have our own module if you literally look, so we’re gonna go through keaney move your hand you’re like really
Guys, do not see this awesome steel right here the mp3 players stealing is not, awesome there’s the guy
Who’s trying to scam three times in this video
Scamming a stealing different breda entertained simple elegance stylus support for digital music playback i would hope so
Like, what else is gonna do like attach it to a record it actually just has a bunch of just like
Document decided by, oh nice look, how
Tiny this is dude this, brings me back to the days of the ipod
Shuffle, yes yeah i had an ipod mini and i never had. A shuffle i do like, that metallic
Finish, though, that’s mine where is my headphone? Jack there we go look at. This apple
Check, this out check out how, small this is and there’s still a headphone
Jack, it’s crazy, okay hold on hold on i got turned on oh it’s my
Shut up and listen to my, own music and it’s adorable, what, does it sound like
yeah, we like
I can’t hear you i’m just listening to my, own music i actually hate this, song put the garbage why’d
You, pick this song is a baby game bacon bacon bacon
stop bad
It sounds like i mixed it you’re rockin out it’s an old old song don’t just the same ability of backwards no
Some great. Oh little fay outlet it like, picks back up out of his mind or is he stuck inside of his head
I can, see masters village solar look snow miler try to listen
Super thick its, own let’s see man last one yeah finally silence silence i want to give that a dope with
My, phone i’m gonna give it a dope because it actually sounds good and it’s free and you’re
Gonna put whatever reason you want yeah hi this is a definite dose is it a hundred percent a definite go boom, oh?
Yeah, baby guys if you, enjoyed this video, make, sure you click one of these around here and subscribe if you’re, new
And we’ll see you newsy next tab so cool, high five

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