14 thoughts to Survival Gear Radio Cheapest Prices Online At 23:40

  1. great video 😀
    i would add either some orange or silver like tin foil or a signal mirror( which you have) on the far outter case area and/or orange para cord instead of that black so you can spot in right a way in the water

  2. Ben, i like the kit, and i love all your videos!! The only thing i would rather have a bright color like yellow or orange, cause if the boat goes down and/or you drop the black case in water it could be hard to see….

  3. dude i have a 50 cent flint striker, none of that fancy stuff but every time i strike it it will spark never once has it failed but u had to do yours a few times and thats money money then my 50 cent one

  4. this is a pretty good kit. mainly the size is perfect. its good that the small folder could fit. in my opinion thats the star of the kit.

  5. could do without the bandaide though, best use of those would be for fire. tared bankline is a must. plenty of room.