8 thoughts to Survival Gear Radio Where To Shop At 2:40

  1. That's just a stupiditybeam if you want a tactical light to blind an opponent for self defense. That only makes sense if you're a collector and want to show a campinglite as a highlight in your collection. Also in this case tactical light is the wrong term. Thats a camping or outdoorlight.

  2. Still using this a year later? Thoughts or opinions change? I'm looking to buy a P3x, and I'm not sure if I should consider the IB version

  3. I've watched this video 4 times already because I'm so excited to get it in haha. I receive it today got it on Amazon on a lightning deal for $80 shipped!

  4. I just ordered my FIRST Surefires! The new 1500 lumen DFT and the 1000 lumen P3X. Been collecting lights since 1996 but could just never bring myself to pay that MUCH money for what so many of my other lights can do for less than half the price these Surefires cost. I is the DFT that got me to finally press "pay". As for "Made in the USA" only the bodies are made in the USA as far as I know. Everything inside of them is Chinese. Maglites are also "Made in the USA". The only part of them that I am aware of that are Chinese are the emitters. Looking quite forward to these new Fury's showing up though. I love the design of the Fury. It is a classic. These things BETTER be built like tanks!