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[city news music]
(Eva Padilla)
Corpus Christi’s
Local Emergency
Planning Committee
assembled and disseminated
shelter in place kits
to area schools.
We’ll talk
about how this program
prepares area schools
for any emergency.
The Local Emergency
Planning Committee
is a partnership

between citizens,
local government,

emergency responders,
media and education

and community groups
to enhance hazardous materials

The organization

provides planning, training
and public outreach

within the city and county.
(Joanne Salge)
Outreach and education
is very,
very important.
Teaching people about how
to get information,
how to protect themselves,
knowing what to do
in an emergency.
By having all of those
things in one place at one time
it saves you time.
(Eva Padilla)
With funding from local industry

and the Industry
Education Awareness

Communication Committee,
the L-E-P-C provides

shelter in place kits
to Nueces County schools

to be placed
in each classroom.

The kits include
an emergency radio

and flashlight, a towel,
water, masking tape,

duct tape, a first aid kit
and emergency information.

Schools receiving the kits
will participate

in instructional presentations
to learn

how to use the kits properly.
Schools located

in close proximity to industry
will receive kits first

and as funds
become available,

distribution will spread

(Joanne Salge)
And so our shelter in place kits
are starting at our youngest
portions of the population.
Making sure
that our school-aged children
are protected and safe
while they’re at school.
Especially facilities
that are closer to industry,
or closer to highways, or
closer to any type of hazards.
We always have to remember
that chemicals are everywhere.
So we always
have to have a plan in place.
(Eva Padilla)
Here are some tips

for what to do
during a natural disaster

or chemical hazard.
Shelter in a room

with few doors and windows,
close and lock all doors,

turn off
all ventilation systems,

seal doors and windows
with duct tape or wet towels,

monitor local tv
and radio stations,

call 8-2-6-4-6-3-6
for local information.

For more information, call

or visit c-c-l-e-p-c dot org.
Reporting for the City of Corpus
Christi, I’m Eva Padilla.
[city news music]

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