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  1. im trying to learn how to make a camp site off trail but still very unseen. do u have any ideas of far is the best? along with any other ideas? im tired of camp sites all together.. (last time someone playing loud music. no thanks.. xD)

  2. To avoid the fog messing with your lens, rub some raw potato on it, it works, so long as moisture doesn't get in 😉

  3. Howdy, very nice video! Are you a Pennsylvania native? I myself don't live to far from the ANF, down in Venango county. Maybe we can meet up sometime.

  4. i really enjoyed ur video, i`m getting ready to take my boys out this summer, for some bivwak-in . some of my favorite memories. the terrain is similar….. west michigan. lots of woods.

  5. when I was younger I always drank from streams and never got sick, that was just luck. Never drink from a stream, at the least dig a hole close to the stream, the water will sift through the dirt into your hole and settle clear so it will be much safer to drink.