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how you doing guys my name is Chad I’m
here at t1G and today we’re going to be
talking about some different
considerations when we’re looking at
knives I’m not going to get into the
whole aspect of what makes a fighting
knife and what does it but we’re going
to be talking about how to open them
under duress it’s fine if you got a
knife on you it’s fine once it’s open
but a lot of people can’t do that
transition from in their pocket or
wherever they’re holding it out to
actually using it so that’s kind of what
we’re going to talk about have a couple
of just a small sample of knives down
here if you look at a lot of these ones
nowadays they like a lot of the spring
action switchblade ish type knives and
I’m not bashing one knife over the other
I’m just saying hey look at the pros and
cons between different knives with what
you’re going to be using it for if it’s
nothing but for cutting wood and steaks
and fine have you a utility knife if you
say you’re going to be a knife fighter
then it needs to lean more towards an
actual knife that supports that type of
use so if we’re looking at like push
buttons or spring activator or anything
like that understand it yes they’re fine
but it does go off of a spring over time
Springs where out break get loose
whatever if I’m looking at a knife
personally I try to carry more of a
fighting-type knife so when I’m looking
at the knife some of the considerations
I take into account are when the spring
goes down if it doesn’t open do I have a
secondary way to open it or at that
point does it become a blunt instrument
that I hold in my hand and then it start
wrapping you in the head with it to get
a desired result so that’s some of that
that’s a like a assisted opening some of
your other ones or more of your
mechanical type openings where you
actually have to do something physically
to open it besides just pushing a button
these are the ones I tend to carry a
little bit more for me it works a little
better and there’s no springs or buttons
or anything for dirt to get in wear out
break whatever
if I don’t open this then it’s on me
that’s where the repetition of your
training needs to start to come in and
it’s not just hey I’ve done it 2,000
times it needs to be done properly for
your perfection of your technique that
you’re trying to do reality is is the
fastest way to get a knife out and into
play is to have a fixed blade there is
no opening there is none of that stuff
to go along with it there’s nothing to
worry about spring wise it’s just pull
it and do whatever you’re going to be
doing with it whether it be in a bad
cut me rope tape whatever okay but those
are the faster ones the only problem is
is they’re a little harder to conceal or
hide or even wear around on you sitting
down standing up getting in cars out of
cars so that’s why a lot of people tend
to carry folders and that’s what we’re
going to be going into next is actually
talking about how to get to a folder get
it out and open and ready to work under
duress alright guys so now we’re
actually going to talk about how to open
a folder if I have it there’s a couple
of different things you could do me
personally I like to have it in my
pocket as it sits like this which is
called tip down there are different
types of knives this is a training knife
that you can kind of get anywhere online
look them up that way if I am practicing
with it initially I’m not getting the
cuts and dropping a good knife on the
ground and chipping up the blade and
everything else but it does have
different alternate positions that I can
put this clip if I want to carry it tip
up if I’m left-handed then I can put
them on the other side you’ll notice
that on mine I actually put skateboard
tape or grip tape to help facilitate the
draw so when we’re talking about doing
anything whether it be drawing a gun
drawing a knife or doing any kind of
action to get it into play there’s kind
of three things that I go by one is I
need to facilitate a movement to help me
draw it okay I either need to combine
movements to help make it faster or
eliminate movements that can be taken
out that are not needed for a certain
draw so when I look at that and take
those three things into account that’s
kind of how we here typically do our
drawing over knife so if I have it in my
pocket it can’t come back
to the types of pockets are types of
pants that you’re going to be using blue
jeans which are kind of cut down in a
cross are typically your best ones
because it doesn’t have a slant cut
pocket if you’re wearing some of your
five Elevens and things like that we
know that in that slant deep cut pocket
the knife can kind of get turned twisted
and everything else but if I’m trying to
draw my knife under duress the first
thing I need to do initially is just
reach down and slap myself in my pocket in
the region of where my knife would be
what that does is it lets me know where
it’s at if you think you’re going to
come straight down and get into it right
off the bat maybe but it’s not an every
time thing okay because it might mean
the knife might have been shifted during
your scuffle or whatever so I’m going to
slap my pocket from there I’m just going
to drive my thumb in and down then I’m
going to come up to what’s called a
tabletop position notice I’m keeping it
close to my body I don’t want to have it
waving around out here to where it can
divertly get hit knocked out of my
hand I’m trying to keep it close to my
body at this point a lot of people will
tell you to go blade side back to at
least get it open while I’m trying to
fend with this hand a half a dozen to
one half there’s the other every
situation is different
alright guys what I’m going to do is
take it away from my body so you can see
it a little bit better on this one you
can see that the mechanical opening is
this nub that sticks up off of the blade
are you going to do is take your thumb
on it and like you’re shooting marbles
could date some people if they know what
I’m talking about they’re okay but all
it is is a mechanical opening of you
opening the blade once it’s open from
here then I would turn it and get into
whatever grip I’m going to be holding
whether it be a hammer grip saber grip
or if it was a double-edged blade a
complete grip depending on my training
or what I’m going to be trying to do
with the weapon so step by step real
slow as initially I want to slap my side
of my pocket kind of find out where it’s
at drive my thumb in and downs draw up
and out to the tabletop open and in turn
and get to the grip that I want from
there it’s whatever techniques that you
need to follow on with if you have any
comments leave them hopefully you liked
the video and we’ll see you on the next one.

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  1. If you’re gonna carry a concealed weapon, carry something that doesn’t require a reduction in defensive space to use it.

  2. Protip: when your wife gets mad about you flipping your knife open 1000 times in a row, just tell her not to interrupt your training.

  3. Can hardly see the knives.. you're too far from your camera. I am also high right now so that could be part of the problem.

  4. Speaking to fast and simultaneously too monotonous, lacking variation in pacing. Poor illustrations of using the dark colored knives as against a dark table background. He obviously did not rehearse with novice audience using critical thinking analysis and usability testing. He seems to know a lot, but did not seem to care if the audience was “getting it.” Teaching is an art and a skill. This reminds me of a working class phenomenon: Some parents who criticize schools and teachers know little about teaching, their children’s self-control, -discipline, and a love of the teacher. These parents do not seem to have the necessary self-respect necessary to prepare their children to learn 1. from a teacher and 2. to learn independently. I wanted this lecture to work. It did not. Sorry about the rant, but it seemed pertinent because I want this guy to eventually succeed.