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  1. @SchismMax You can use a hacksaw, a Dremel with a cutoff disk or even a good pair of shears. You'll probably have to spend more effort cleaning up the edges. The cutoff saw just makes it easier, quicker and cleaner 🙂

  2. Really great video, very clear…I like the idea of using a template to speed up the process if you are making more than one…

  3. @phxarcher87 That's true but when I did this video, the epoxy joint was the current technology for the homebuilder with simple tools. Tinny had just shown us how to roll the edges late 2008 but that still required an air compressor and something to use as a hydraulic press. Without those tools, the two-piece glued stove gave the homebuilder a good stove. If I was going to do one today, I might roll it over… maybe… none of my glued stoves have failed yet.

  4. Does anyone know how to make alcohol stoves out of empty spray paint cans?