9 thoughts to Survival Gear Reno How Can One Shop At 4:49

  1. One of my Army buddies has one and he loves it, I bought one from amazon on sale for $40

  2. Very slow to solar charge. Had it in the sun for 9 hours and it barely registered any charge. I sent it back thinking I got a bad unit. Replacement unit was equally slow to charge.

  3. Amazon charging $45. Now plus you check the box for a 10% disc. Great deal. At least two days ago when I bought mine (2)
    Great so far. Learning now people having zero issues after FIVE & TEN years. Fantastic as pres Trump says…lol
    I'm only surprised that it's not ipx8 or at least 4. It's only splash proof so do not wet it more than being out in a drizzle while wiping it.
    Nice device though. There are some 2000mah strength battery equipped similar devices. Cheaper though.
    $21 , 17 , 30 bucks. Not built like this us though.

  4. Great radio, BUT you have to memorize the button functions because they are very poorly marked !

  5. This list is useful too, what you guys think?:
    It really helped me choose the right item for me