12 thoughts to Survival Gear Review How Can I Order At 3:46

  1. Thanks for the video, very thorough! I purchased the Nomad 7 for emergencies and also for general usage; I have found it very reliable and a practical option for battery charging. I have found the company to be extremely customer supportive. This is a must-have for emergency prepping, IMO.

  2. I do wish I could find some small, compact device that can charge a laptop 🙁 . I mean, I like that these sorts of things can charge tablets and batteries, but it would be awesome if I could find something that would do that, as well as a small computer. I don't even need the thing to be super quick about it.

  3. I have the same panel, does its job well for what it is intended to do. I do have some beef with those attachment points, they're glued on and not sewn in. I like the panel overall, but the power demands required today are barely keeping up with the output of this panel. is great for indoor illumination of LED lights. I have the USB LED light and light was coming out of it when the panel was extended in daylight in direct shade.

  4. a 30 watt panel + a 7Amp 12v battery + an inverter can charge a laptop easily. Check the goalzero page. Soon I'll be reviewing a panel like that (the escape 30) and a custom built battery/inverter that does just that.
    On the other hand, you wont find a portable solution to power a computer as it consumes 10 times more power than a laptop.

  5. I just purchased the newer version it has a full size mesh pocket inside the flap closure. They eliminated the Velcro and put in a magnetic closure. The guide 10 cable and 12 volt cable are already attached to the unit. It has a optional chain input to connect multiple solar panels. It also has a USB port. The maximum watt output on the USB is 5 Watts regulated, The mini solar port output is 7 Watts not regulated and the solar port is 5 Watts not regulated. The dimensions of the new one is slightly larger 9.5 x 1.5 x 6.5 inches. Comes with a 12 month warranty. You did a fantastic review, Your review was helpful in my purchase. I paid $149 from mypatriotsupply.com if you look at the one they are selling, it looks identical to the one you are reviewing. But they send you the updated version which has a higher wattage output.

  6. I like my Nomad 7 But now I want a protective case, I've been looking at cases made for tablets but I'm not sure of what to get, I would hate to crack my new toy, any thoughts or suggestions?

  7. I have something similar from Enerplex. It's made with thin-film panels, weighs only 1/2 lb and has 4 panels. The Goal Zero version has crystal panels which can break. The Enerplex product can be shot with a gun and still function. This is where the future is for these consumer products.

  8. I just got the newer version of this item. It solved that lumpy issue you mentioned in the video. It's a great item!