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12 areas of preparedness for emergency survival situations prepping for beginners
hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper I’ve been spending
a lot of time out of my Granny Camp
which is my Alaska off-grid cabin and
thinking about all of the areas of
preparedness emergency prepping survival needs how to get started what are the must have items
I thought it would share with you the 12 areas of preparedness
that I decided I needed to concentrate
on make sure that I’m fully prepared for any emergency situation
whether I’m sheltering in place staying
in my home or if I had to bug out evacuate or I
was away from home how can I make sure
that I have all the emergency survival gear items and things that I need
to take care of the responsibilities of
keeping myself and my family in safety
and well cared for no matter what comes
along the first area of emergency survival preparedness is
water we know we need to store all of
the water that we can how to store water what containers are safe to store water how to sanitize disinfect filter water you can buy water
you can buy water already in bottles set it aside have it
ready when you need it you can also
clean out some used containers and sanitize disinfect and refill those with water
refill those with water if you want to
reuse a container make sure that it’s
HDPE or has a number 2 recycle on it
that it’s food safe designed only for
food and is sturdy enough and it’s going
to last something like a milk jug is not
sturdy it’s not going to last and should
never be used just store things away the
same with like a something you’ve had a
strong odor like juices it’s almost
impossible to get rid of the flavor and
all of the bacteria from a plastic storage container something that
held some a strong liquid but you can
find things like pop bottles flavored
waters and rinse them out with hot soapy
water sterilize or disinfect containers how to sanitize purify disinfect water storage containers with bleach
after you’ve washed them well with a
teaspoon of bleach for every quart of
water swirl it all around let it sit for
a little bit
pour it out and then your container is
ready to be filled with safe water from
the tap you can set those newly filled water storage containers aside in a
cool dark dry place make sure it’s dark
because light causes bacteria to grow in
water and you don’t want
mold mildew fungus algae or any of that
growing within your water storage containers source then
check the water storage containers every six months or so dump
them out and replace them refill with fresh water if you need to
you can get some large containers to store water at the
store 5 gallon 50 gallon even store lots
of water in that depending on your space
have some water stored in a
grab-and-go container near where your
emergency bug-out supplies are so if you
had to leave in a hurry you could grab a
six pack of water and easily take it
with you learn how to filter water and
purify water have those water purification and filter supplies with
you in your emergency gear emergency survival supplies bug out bag the next area
of preparedness for emergency survival prepping is food fill your pantry
with shelf-stable long lasting foods
that are easy to open and eat foods that
are familiar to you and that your family
is willing to eat look for food items things that
are a range of foods from peanut butter
crackers cereal canned fruits meats
vegetables canned entrees and things
like soup and chili that are easy to eat
simple to prepare and foods that are they’re fast
and filling and when you get a good
supply of those food items in your prepper pantry then you may want to
consider getting some of the long-term food storage
foods such as rice beans oatmeal in
larger containers sealed in number 10 cans or even buy a
prepackaged kit of food from one of the
long lasting food companies that is
designed for the long lasting emergency
long-term food storage you’re storing
canned goods have can openers make sure
you also have some emergency food with
your bug out bag so that you have a few
days worth of emergency food if you need
to evacuate you still need to have
something that’s nutritious and ready to
include in your meal plans food for
infants and food for any pets that you
have now that you have a stockpile of
food how are you going to cook it in an
emergency emergency survival gear for cooking food prepping do you have a camping stove
something like a propane stove
of a butane stove or even a wood stove
in your house do you have a gas grill or
a charcoal barbecue those can be ways
you can heat up food in an emergency if
there’s no power in your home maybe you
even have a fire pit in your backyard if
you had to leave your home bug out evacuate make sure you
have some sort of an emergency or a
camping backpacking stove stock up on
some MREs those come with a little
packet inside of them that heats the
food for you contained within some of
the modern MREs you can also look for
gadgets that truckers use they make
little ovens and crock pots that plug in
in your car make sure that you have a
pot that you can use on an outdoor stove
some utensils and don’t forget a little
bit of soap things do we have on hand at
home and you may not have on hand if you
had to leave and go and cook in the
out-of-doors a campfire is a great way
to heat up food as well with foil packet cooking
the next area of preparation for emergency survival prepping is shelter make sure
you have secured your home that you have
nice locks that the windows can be
secured and then if something should
damage your home maybe you’re going to
need some plastic sheeting and some duct
tape to put over a window that’s broken
maybe you need some plywood some hammer
and nails things to make sure that your
house is secure your home should have
been damaged in some sort of a weather
or natural disaster event what if you
had to leave your home bug out evacuate maybe then you
need to think about having a tent life bivy life tent from Go Time Gear maybe
you know of a bug-out location make sure
you have lots of cash on hand so that
you could actually go and stay in a
hotel know where you would go in the
event of an emergency just make a plan
where could you go that was ten miles
away a hundred miles away 200 miles away
and think of some choices for where you would bug out or evacuate before you
need to figure out where to go make a
plan for bugging out in an emergency survival shtf situation how you would get to those
places if you have pets know where you
could bring them or where you could
leave them safely so that you could
shelter somewhere else there are always
hotels campground that allow you to
bring your
but if you can’t find one of those maybe
there’s a trusted friend or relative who
would watch your pet for you while you
went to a place that did not allow you
to bring your pet never leave them
behind they remember the family and they
deserve to be cared for
as much as you do if you’ve ever had
your water stop working for any length
of time emergency survival situation planning for sanitation hygiene needs
sanitation becomes a problem right away
consider getting a portable toilet and
some supplies so that you can use it get
some plastic bags get some plastic
gloves kitty litter hand sanitizer wet
wipes and always a big supply of toilet
paper have some antibacterial soaps and
if you had to leave your home bug out evacuate once again
you’re going to need to figure out where
you’re going to go to the bathroom
you’re going to need a portable toilet
and the same thing
plastic bags hand sanitizer and wet
wipes what if you can stay in your home
but there was a flood something backed
up and your home became damaged or
contaminated you need a cleanup kit get
a five gallon bucket and stockpile it
with soaps antibacterials shtf supplies to clean up toxic messes contamination from floods dirty water hurricanes
disinfectants some rags paper towels
sturdy rubber gloves a cleaning brush a
broom things that you would need to
clean up your house in an event of some
big mess flood hurricane sewage back up shtf leaking pipes make sure you have lots of very
heavy duty plastic trash bags this is
not the time when you would want get contractor grade heavy duty black plastic garbage bags contractor drum liners
something that isn’t the sturdiest
plastic bag you can have look for the
sturdiest largest black plastic garbage trash bags possible for your
emergency and survival needs another
area of preparedness is first-aid start
with a well-made well-put-together
first-aid kit then you can stock it up
with extra supplies that you think you
need if you take prescription medication
make sure you have some of those with
your emergency supplies keep a copy of
your prescription so that in a real
emergency you could go to a pharmacy
and you would be able to get some more
if something happened to the medicines drugs ones that
you rely on if you wear glasses make
sure you keep an extra pair and if you
have something like a hearing aid make
sure that you keep extra batteries with
you learning how to give first aid can
actually be the difference between life
and death study basic first aid
procedures and how to take care of
yourself and those around you
another area of preparedness is tools
you need basic tools around your home
you need things like knives hammers
shovels pliers screwdrivers multi tools
pry bar if you have natural gas learn
how to turn it off in an emergency and
have a wrench that works for that
purpose a fire extinguisher should be in
everyone’s emergency survival prepping tool kit must-have lists and
maybe a big pair of bolt cutters in case you
needed to break something like a chain
you had to leave your home bug out evacuate you may need
things like an axe and a shovel a saw
get a nice supply of duct tape zip ties
superglue nails and screws those can all
be very handy in a whole array of
emergency survival bug out situations communication is an important
area of preparedness prepping for emergency survival situations everybody needs
some sort of way to communicate maybe
you want a battery-operated radio or one
that you can wind up Eton Scorpion radio you need to be able
to find out what’s going on
walkie-talkies to communicate with your
family when cellphones aren’t working a
NOAA weather emergency alert radio or
even a ham radio power is an important
area of preparedness maybe you want to
get a solar panel you can get a solar anker charger portable
solar panel charger you can get big arrays of solar panels
installed in your house motor home bug out vehicle with even just a
simple solar panel you can charge up
some of your electronics you can use
them to power up external
batteries which then can be used to
power other devices usb flashlights fans get a cord that
allows you to charge up your electronics
in your car have a wall adapter as well
you can travel to a place where there is
power and you could charge up your
electronics that way you might consider
having a generator and if nothing else
have lots of spare batteries that fit
the things like flashlights that you
count on having and using lighting is
the next area of emergency survival prepping items preparedness everything
from flashlights make sure you have
batteries two candles make sure you have
lighters and matches oil lamps make sure
you stockpile the fuel the wicks and a
way to light it stock up on some solar
lights you can get simple dollar ones Dollar Tree
that go into your yard solar lanterns
that are designed for camping lighting
can be as simple as some glow sticks a
campfire heat is an important area of emergency survival prepping
preparation especially if
something should happen in the winter you need a
way to have some backup heat in your
home do you have a wood stove propane
heater like a mr. buddy do you have a
way to use a generator to run your
furnace or other small heater in your
area a space heater dress in layers get
a hot water bottle if you get a portable
heater stock up on the fuel and
carefully read the instructions so you
don’t become a victim of carbon monoxide
poisoning a lot of those heaters need to
still be in a ventilated area so a
carbon monoxide detector should be part
of your emergency Heat plan if you don’t
already have one installed in your home
at all times should you have to evacuate bug out
don’t forget keep your car full of gas
you can run the engine for short bursts
of time heat up the car which will help
keep you warm keep some of the emergency
survival blankets they reflect the heat
back to you and keep it in
learn to make an emergency car can heater
where you put a can with a roll of
toilet paper and add some alcohol a
large stack of hand warmers can really
be an asset and a cold cold winter
emergency the most important area of
emergency survival prepping preparedness is planning you need to
make a plan way ahead of time what supplies do
you need how will you use your emergency survival prepping gear items it where would
you go if you had to bug out evacuate how would you get there to your bug out location a safe place when to
evacuate when is it safe to go bug out evacuate which way
should you travel and most of all how to
stay safe make a plan so that you know
ahead of time that you have the emergency survival prepping gear items things
you need you know what you would do in
many different circumstances you know
where you would gather and meet with
your family if an emergency occurs when
you’re not together and that you know
how to be as safe as you can to have the
most positive outcome in any situation
so look over your emergency survival prepping SHTF supplies your plans
your ideas and figure out if you have
the things that you need in each of
these 12 areas of preparedness make the
time to think about each area at a time
because proper preparation can be as
simple as a little at a time
we don’t expect anyone to be able to
accomplish everything in a huge task
like that in a day preparedness is a
lifestyle choice it’s something you do
it all the time and as you gather the
things you need you learn new skills you
have ideas in your mind of how you would
cope no matter what happens you’re going
to have the best outcome that’s possible
in almost every situation
learn more at please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel

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Survival Gear Review How Can One Purchase

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  1. The picture of food for your BOB looked like mine, minus the raisins. Yuck! I didn't see any Knorr Sides or any candy (an important food group to relieve stress😉), but then it was a quick shot. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I have water containers I have stored in my utility building and should be replacing that water soon since it has been in those containers for awhile. I have canned food which I can use and do have to buy new rice, and other dry grains to store since the ones I already have is over a year old.

    I just ordered a new cookware set I am going to put in my backpack, and just ordered a new sleeping bag, liner, and is waiting for other items I ordered from Amazon, and Wal-Mart. If I do have to go somewhere else my dog, and cat will be with me and if they can't stay in a hotel/motel then we all will be sleeping in my vehicle. My home and old home have many other supplies and is what I may need. My medicines will be with me and I take care of myself. If I have to leave my home the things I can't take with me is my garden equipment, and lawn equipment also.

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    I just discovered your channel a couple days ago, so I’m having a great time catching up! You really have a lot of good info, and realistic, unlike so many fantasy prepper channels!

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