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  1. The 26 is the 10's blade with 9's grip. I got the sheath with the velco belt loop which I believe is also the 9's as the 10 has the removable pouch. Or the other way around, I'm not sure anymore.

  2. Say Heah, I'm very impressed to see how good Schrade came along. Yeah, I think they make a good quality knife for the money, They listened to tgeir consumers and that's awesone. Unfortunately I started a Swamp Rat Series of knives that sort of took a few years to get where I'm at with my Swampies. Today I have the Rodent 3 Oh by the way I love the Lightning Bolt Style Handle. My first Swamp Rat was the RatManDu followed by the Rodent 9, at that time I was a 3knife carry guy so I got the Rodent Solution, I actually got it way before my Rodent 3. Yen I got the Rodent 7 and became a 2knife carry and paired it off with the Rodent 4. Then I wanted a 6" blade but I didn't like what they had to offer, I contacted Trissy at Swamp Rat and we talked, Great Lady by the way. She told me their Custom Shop could modify the Rodent 6 so I had it thinned down and the top gaurd taken off, It became one of my Fav's 6" blades, I love it and the chpil, I never ran out of blade lenght because of the choil but yet I can really choke up when I need to. Then I got the Rodent Rucki because I wanted a Summer Long Knife for the brambles. Noticing that I just needed the Rodent 5 and the Rodent 3 I decided to get them just to complete almost the whole series of Rodent's, I don't know what they had before I started. But I knew the SR101 Steel was awesome. I didn't get the Rodent 5 because I felt it was too similar to my RatManDu and the Rodent 3 was too similar to my Rodent Solution, Boy was I wrong. Infact I love using my Rodent 5 in a Dangler Sheath with my 2Hawks Double Bit Hatchet and my Wicked Tough Saw (Combo) it's a awesome knife at 5 1/2" and a Saber Grind which I Vexed and the Lightning Bolt Handle, it's Simply TiT's. It's a awesome knife especially when I'm Scouting out a new area or just simply having a hot cup of coffee on the open fire and a baked potato. The Rodent 3 is a great carver which I can add-on with several of my other knives. After I realized how many more Lightning Bolt Handle Styles I had, I really didn't use my Rodent Solution that much even though it's a tank of a knife, but the handle style is a Seahorse Style which also is very comfortable and I notice Schrade uses that style in their knives. But as luck has it, I was able to get the RatWeiler which has the comfortable Seahorse Shape Handle and now I can pair my Rodent Solution with it. I could of got it in two thicknesses and I chose the 1/4" thickness but I'm having it thinned down, so Yeah another pair is born. That's one big advantage of dealing with a semi custom knife cimpany, I'm also working on a Busse Combat Set and Others like Bark River and I have almost a complete set of Becker's and Cold Steel. With some of the Schrades I think I'll get a couple just to see if tgey could be my beaters. I do like how some of tgem look and they seem that their making some good quality knives for the money, Thanx for sharong, That really helps me.

  3. Liked the video, just that you hacked on tons of live tree's, couldn't you find deadwood to work on to show it off. Good video otherwise.

  4. I have the original SCHF10 with the micarta handles. I would be happy with a rubber coated or plastic handles, but the micarta makes it look like a custom knife.

    I understand the SCHF10 is going out of production which doesn't really mean much as the SCHF26 is the same blade, but that knife was and still is a big hit with buyers. Many of us can take advantage of potential sales of the SCHF10 if it's true.

    For the money, size and weight, it feels indestructible yet offers great utility. The SCHF31 is a nice blade, but lacks the weight to make it as effective for chopping.

  5. I wish you would have showed some carving or making feather sticks rather than chopping with the knife but at least you didn't beat it to death into another piece of wood. axes are for chopping and this comes from someone who used to live in the woods! If you have a chopping fascination with knives I suggest you getting the Condor Dundee Bowie, that knife chops like there's no tomorrow.
    I suggest you do a review on the Schrade schf 31. It's on sale through Smoky Mountain Knife Works right now for $9.99. it's a terrific knife made from the same steel and it carves and makes feather sticks like there's no tomorrow. It also strikes I mean Ferro rod. thanks for the review!

  6. I have one of that model and have it for my primary survival knife on my utility belt. It replaced a Japanese knife which I had for that purpose. In my opinion the company made a great knife with this model and I may buy another one of their knives as well.