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hi my name is Pete with Alan’s Arsenal
and i’m here today to talk to you about
one of the more important fundamentals
of pistol shooting we’re going to go
ahead and cover grip with grip myself
being a right-handed shooter and I
understand with everything I’m about
ready to say that everybody is
physically the same so with what I am
about ready to show you I understand not
everybody can physically hold the pistol
exactly the same you can make
adjustments to it and you’ll understand
more what I’m talking about as I go
along so when you go to hold a pistol
what you would want to do is hold it as
high as you possibly can if you can
truly get behind the barrel that would
be the best but what would happen is the
slide would come back and injure yourself
so we’re trying to get as high as
possible take your hand go ahead and
shove it up as high as you possibly can
behind the back strap of the firearm
okay and take your three lower fingers
come around to the bottom just like that
and you notice how much I’m taking up
the grip with my right hand this of
course being a Glock 19
bring your three lower fingers around
the bottom
take your non-firing your hand taking it
and rotating it to where your lower part
of your knuckle to your wrist is
parallel with the slide and come along
bring your thumb put it along somewhere
on the frame not too where it’s going to
get injured by this slide as it moves
take your other lower fingers and bring
them around you take your thumb and
either set it off on the top of your
firing hand or bring it around to the
outside you don’t want your thumb up top
laying next to the slide to where it
might get injured by the slide as it
moves also you don’t want it resting on
the slide lock so that way when you come
to the empty magazine this slide will
actually lock back to the rear notice
right now how much of the grip that I am
holding of the pistol it is
totally encompassed as much as possible
there’s no spot for gaps or anything
like that in this area and you’ll notice
even when after I set the firearm down
how my hands are shaped I understand
that this is not a natural
position as when we all grew up playing
cops and robbers things like that we all
ran around doing exactly this right here
when I’m actually showing you is to take
that that non-firing hand put it on an
angle it is unnatural but it is going to
give you a more stable firing platform
while you’re gripping the firearm of
course while you’re gripping the firearm
the apply pressure should be from the
front of the firearm to the back
squeezing it together and then on a
sides equal pressure on the sides as
well so that way you’re not over pushing
forward pushing the gun down
pulling back or pushing too little on
either side to where the gun might move
side to side while pulling back on the
trigger if you have any questions or
comments please leave them below thank

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Survival Gear Reviews Youtube Where Does One Buy

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  1. Excellent video!
    Rotate the second hand.
    I taught to think of pointing at the target with trigger finger and second hand thumb.