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  1. ThruNite has been putting out some good lights the last few years. I picked up their Saber A1 (AA, 169 Lum) last year and it's been a great little light. It also has an option to use a CR123 instead as an added bonus. I've bought Fenix lights for a lot of years, but these little lights are an amazing value for a good pocket light. Good review brother. 🙂

  2. I just checked Amazon. $39.95. For Stainless Steel and Neutral White. ThruNite T10S
    I'm in California. I know Amazon prices can vary.

  3. good job my friend. nice light. i have been looking for them on amazone.ca in canada and have great difficulty finding them . will keep looking.

  4. The wand end is also for aircraft directors, plane captains and crew chiefs. You are making it tougher for me every darn time you do a Thru Nite review. I wonder if they are in the GSA catalog? Might have my outfit look into them.

  5. The T10S is a stainless steel version (hence the S designation). The T10 is hard anodizsd aluminium while the T10T is titanium.

    You also dont have to double-click the button to change modes.. A light half-press will do.

  6. Thanks Brian, I'm all about the bang for the buck! With a family of 5 a mortgage and a dog that eats almost as much as me I can't be extravagant. I can barely spell it! =) thx again this one looks like a keeper.

  7. Sadly, the T10 in any material is much too small for the trashcan lids I call hands. It's also got a reverse clicky switch, which I don't like (though by this point I'm starting to guess that's because all reverses I had were horrible Cheapo ones).

    Classy, elegant, versatile and durable for those that don't have my problems. I can respect it for sure.

    As for anyone that does share my issues, have you taken a look at the Archer 1A v2?